Conservatives Blast Senator Lamar Alexander’s Plans for Obamacare ‘Bailout’

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) will try to build consensus next week around narrow tweaks to Obamacare that could draw bipartisan support and fix the health law’s biggest flaws. It is unlikely such an effort will produce anything meaningful, however, according to conservative activists and health care scholars. “It’s going to be vey small,” said Michael Tanner,…

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5 Thoughts to “Conservatives Blast Senator Lamar Alexander’s Plans for Obamacare ‘Bailout’”

  1. Sim

    It seems to me that most Americans can’t figure out things for themselves and refuse to listen to people who have figured it out,

    When dealing with people like that the best way to “Educate” them is too let them learn from “Experience”.

    Let Obamacare collapse on it on,
    let people go without insurance,
    let the insurance companies charge whatever the market will bear,
    Let the healthcare community suffer whatever loses from unpaid care.

    Then the next time they hear “National Health Plan” coming from Government, they’ll be ready to lynch some Politicians.

    For “YEARS”, Government has been killing companies and job opportunities with Taxes and Regulations while increasing welfare programs,

    Only when Government reverses this process will the “CAPITALIST, FREE ENTERPRISE,” system work for the benefit of “Everyone”.

    But I have a feeling that most Americans will have to “Experience” another “Venezuela” before they “Learn anything”.

  2. Sandi Lee

    If I had my way about it, ol’ Lamar will be voted OUT next year anyway. The only good news this announcement might bring with it is to convince many other voters to choose a different republican candidate in next year’s primary. Time to throw away that tired red plaid stuffed shirt!

  3. Jim Forsythe

    Is Lamar Alexander really this stupid? He wants to stick the country, including Tennessee, with Obama for years to come. He has plenty of money, and doesn’t care for the citizens that will continue to suffer under this stupid law.

  4. Wolf Woman

    Lamar Alexander doesn’t have a clue about what the everyday citizen of this country actually needs. He’s lived in a protected wealthy bubble all his life. What he’s doing now is politically motivated bs. Have a little compassion for us Lamar. Retire now and spend your last years with your family.

    1. Ricky Smith

      It’s not the insurance, it’s the mandate it obama care was appealed the the citizens would be free again, with the mandate in place the government can dictitate to it’s citizens