Susan Gingrich Commentary: The Country Never Imagined

Tennessee Star

by Susan Gingrich


My husband Jim and I were among the more than one million conservatives who marched to the US Capitol on September 12, 2009. We peacefully gathered in protest of President Obama’s attempts to move our country towards socialism, especially by changing the health care system. It was a wonderful event with great speakers, patriotic music, and many new friendships made that day with people across the country. We left united and determined to act as patriots to preserve the America we loved. I remember a few counter-protesters, but they were peaceful protesters who behaved respectfully. We could never have imagined the harm to our country by one president and complicit leaders, including many republicans in congress. There was not a day that many others and I weren’t sorry Obama was our president, but he was elected twice to be our leader.

Obama made political correctness and his authority all powerful, discarding our Constitution, laws, states’ rights, and American values. I believe political correctness has become evil, destructive, and the opposite of commonsense. President Obama was a divisive president who never attempted to unify the country. By championing the rights of minorities and fringe groups, he deprived the majority of Americans from equal rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Freedom of religion only applied to some religions, certainly not Christianity. He was also superb at making mountains out of mole hills. There was no bathroom problem before he and his DOJ caused it. Many of us have years of experience working well with people who were different from us without incident. There was no problem getting along with coworkers who had a different sexual orientation from most of us and those who cross-dressed. They were valued team members. But, they also didn’t ask for special consideration and used their biologically affiliated bathroom and no one bothered them. This didn’t need to be a national issue as did many other things Obama brought into his administration.

President Obama is no longer president or leader of our country, but his socialist/communist ideas continue to be alive and well, influencing the behavior of some in our country. What is happening now would be laughable, if it wasn’t so destructive and threatening to the future of our country. One serious concern is the ever increasing number of entitled victims. Granted, there are a small number of legitimate victims who have discriminatory, physical, and other illegal acts inflicted on them personally. But, there is a much larger number of entitled victims who only perceive that they are victims of victimizers contained in their active imaginations. Some of these individuals are harming others and destroying property, acting illegally as real victimizers do. Socialist influences are trying to unite entitled victim groups as one powerful political force against our republic. I suppose those of us left could then become their victims. Scary thought isn’t it?

There is also a movement away from our country being an assimilation nation as it historically existed. Liberal judges legislate from the bench, grabbing power from the legislative and executive branches. They negate America’s sovereignty-bestowing constitutional rights to non-citizens not entitled to those protections and taking away constitutional rights of legal citizens. It seems at times that certain races and religions prefer to be segregationists, not living by the same laws as the rest of us. Speaking and reading English are not advocated in some parts of the country and precious taxpayer dollars are spent translating much into many other languages. Many members of Black Lives Matter do not want other races belonging to it and participating in its protests and events. There are universities now permitting all black dormitories. Didn’t the civil rights movement of the 60’s have any value in uniting us as one nation? History is no longer taught as it should be, truthfully, including the good, bad, and ugly. Americans do not deserve to be shamed by acts they were not involved in, and every person has the right to be proud of family and ancestry if they choose to be.

Historically, America proudly thought of itself as the land of the free, not the land of the ignorant and misinformed. Today, the ever increasing cost of a college education is a waste of money at many institutions of higher learning, no longer an accurate term for it. Its worth is greatly decreased by administrations, faculties, and students who do not value freedom of speech for all and obstruct or shun others with opinions differing from theirs. I object to one single dollar of my Tennessee and federal taxpayer dollars supporting these institutions and students. Parents supporting and excusing narrow-minded students in these institutions, please get a backbone. Isn’t one purpose of going away to college to become both educated and independent? These institutions are failing miserably in both. Safe spaces, use of political correctness bordering on insanity, and other practices advocated by them will only promote continued dependency on you Mom and Dad. Say good-bye to enjoying financial independence in your Golden Years.

Never thought I would see the day the democrat leadership in congress would be total obstructionists. Nor the Democrat National Committee, once a respected entity, spewing hatred and vulgarity through its chosen leaders. They are doing so at their own peril. Neither could I ever think of seeing some republicans in congress be so critical of a republican president elected by people supported his agenda. Do they really want a democrat winning in 2020? This man, our president, who doesn’t always speak as we would like, tries to do things many Americans support. The need to pay attention to what politicians do, not what they say, is clearer than ever to most voters. President Trump has more leadership ability in his little finger than the leaders and majority of Congress. He inherited an incredible mess which the Obama administration and they helped create. People with little confidence in congressional republicans gave them one more try. Instead of acting powerfully, they appear impotent against the minority leadership. Republicans have the power and responsibility to work with the president and his agenda, if they will just do it. No, congress isn’t subservient to the executive branch, but it is just as responsible to the American people. Congress as an institution is shameful. Congressional members need to look away from the polls, spend some time introspectively, and pay more attention to what is best for the country, not their next election.

So much disinformation all over our country and the world. Sadly, there is no longer a legitimate mainstream media. Because of its fake news and biased and selective actions, ratings, support and credibility for its reporting are diminished daily. By its selective reporting, it stokes irrational fears and feelings of victimhood and also encourages violent actions from fringe groups and unstable individuals. It really does appear that most of the MSM members are more unhinged than they claim Trump is, and many involved are not worthy of being called reporters. Fair reporting is just another important piece of history currently diminished.

Despite all that seems lost, I have faith and hope. The MSM is irrelevant and untrustworthy, but I believe with all my heart and mind that there still exists a silent enormous mainstream of America Patriots who love their country, its history, its heritage, and God. They support the military, veterans, law enforcement, first responders, and they value so many other things uniquely American. Our being patriots loyal to our country and caring for each other supersedes our political affiliations. We experienced temporary unity because of the recent Eclipse, joining together on a day when politics was set aside. We now see unifying efforts to help people affected by Harvey. There are genuine acts of kindness and compassion everywhere daily. This is the real, positive news we hear so little about.

The destructive and dangerous political climate will continue to exist if we allow it. Quietly, decent people object to it, especially to the federal and other governments looking the other way to protesters breaking laws and destroying history. Many protesters, including convicted criminals, are funded by wealthy individuals who don’t want the same America we love. Protesters participate for attention and money, not deep political principles.

When we cannot safely gather together as patriots and believers in compliance with our legal, constitutional and God given rights as we did in 2009 because we fear harm from others to our person or property, that is going too far. It is not American and will only stop when we join and say enough. It is time to peacefully, but loudly reclaim our country! There is a quote from a movie called Network, released in 1976 that about sums up what I know many of us are feeling, ‘I’M AS MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!’ Are you at the boiling point because of troublemakers and fringe groups attempting to change and destroy our country? Let us join to reclaim our country now!

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9 Thoughts to “Susan Gingrich Commentary: The Country Never Imagined”

  1. Dana

    I agree wholeheartedly… the continuing march toward socialism, wacky political correctness, and biased, selective reporting are wreaking havoc for our great nation.

    Thank you for a great article!

  2. Dal ANDREW

    Susan, thank you for your recap based on our gathering on 9-12-09. Yes, My wife, Merle, and I were there along with a bus load of east Tennesseans. It is time America rekindled the esprit and commitment displayed that day in DC. -andy-

  3. BobM

    Nice article and well written. I enjoyed it.

  4. LuAnn

    Beautifully said, Susan!!! You said EVERYTHING I have felt for so long!! I’m tired of the SWAMP in Washington, “We the People” are not longer represented, the politicians represent themselves. their lobbyists and their political careers. Enough is Enough!!

  5. Pandora Vreeland

    Susan is telling it to us straight. I respect that so much. Great article.

  6. Don Grove

    Thanks for your excellent article, Susan. Bravo! Barbara and I were also in that vast, inspiring crowd in DC on 9/12/2009. Hard to believe how far our country has fallen under 8 years of Barack Obama. You’re right that those who want to bring our country to its knees are paying protestors, like Hitler’s brownshirts, to prevent good, decent people from a gathering as we did on 9/12/2009 in support of our country. Sadly many of those who were once our friends notwithstanding our differences are now misinformed by the faux journalists you have called out. They don’t realize that they are just useful idiots who will be cast aside if we let the likes of George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama have their way. Our country is under siege from within. We pray for our President and our country every day.

  7. Ronald L. Shade & Wanda A. Shade

    Your article should be read, in its’ entirety, on every broadcast station, and printed in every Newspaper in the United States. It won’t of course, but it should be. It is worthy of being read with reverence and respect not only for our Country, but also for the writer who had the courage to write it. it is what millions of Americans, both Democrats and Republicans, who are American enough to acknowledge that your article is saying exactly what they have quietly been thinking, but lack the courage to act on their belief in the United States of America!
    Extremely well done by a proud American.

  8. Leon

    Well said. Pay attention folks

  9. Ginny

    Great Article, Susan!