Georgia School Officials Say Teacher Was Wrong To Reprimand Students Wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ T-Shirts



School district officials in Georgia are saying a teacher was wrong to tell students they couldn’t wear “Make America Great Again” t-shirts in class.

A math teacher at River Ridge High School in Woodstock, a north Atlanta suburb, told two students Aug. 31 their shirts featuring President Trump’s campaign slogan were not permitted.

“Her actions were wrong, as the ‘Make America Great Again’ shirts worn by the students are not a violation of our school district dress code,” said Cherokee County Schools spokeswoman Barbara Jacoby in a statement. “The teacher additionally — and inappropriately — shared her personal opinion about the campaign slogan during class.”

Other students captured the incident on video, which is now circulating on social media. The video shows the teacher comparing the slogan to a swastika and support for neo-Nazis.

Republican state Rep. John Carson, whose district includes River Ridge High School, called the incident despicable.

“It’s ironic to me that the political left claims to promote free speech, but then attempts to silence conservative free speech,” Carson told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The school’s principal apologized to the students and their families, and the superintendent is advising schools that teachers should not share political opinions with students, Jacoby said.
The district would not discuss disciplinary action against the teacher.

Last year, Townhall noted that former President Bill Clinton also used the phrase “make American great again” on the campaign trail.



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2 Thoughts to “Georgia School Officials Say Teacher Was Wrong To Reprimand Students Wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ T-Shirts”

  1. Jim Forsythe

    She should be fired! She does not have the right to bring her politics into the classroom. She is suppose to be teaching the kids, not indoctrinating them.

    1. 83ragtop50

      Jim, you are absolutely correct.