Pro-Amnesty John McCain: ‘Unconscionable’ to Send ‘Dreamers’ Back

Sen. John McCain says it would be “unconscionable” to send Dreamers back to their native countries, urging Congress to pass an amnesty program as a part of comprehensive immigration reform. “It is not conscionable to tell young people who came here as children that they have to go back to a country that they don’t know,”…

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2 Thoughts to “Pro-Amnesty John McCain: ‘Unconscionable’ to Send ‘Dreamers’ Back”

  1. Jim Forsythe

    It was unconscionable to elect John McCain for anything other than dog catcher.

  2. 83ratop50

    It is “unconscionable” for a U. S. Senator to support anyone who has broken U. S. law. The same law that he swore to uphold and defend when he was sworn into office. I would say that makes Mr. McCain a liar. The same is true for every rep and senator that supports his position on this matter.