Tennessee Attorney General Slatery Pushes Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants On Advice From Soros Funded Organization

Tennessee Star


Prior to withdrawing Tennessee from the coalition of state Attorneys General challenging the 2012 DACA program Attorney General Herbert Slatery, III, met with Stephanie Teatro, a co-Director of the TN Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC), who convinced Slatery to ignore the Constitution and the entire body of U.S. immigration law and advocate instead for illegal aliens in Tennessee.

After meeting with Teatro, Slatery reneged on his commitment to the coalition of Attorneys General challenging DACA. Even though there was no statutory or Constitutional authority for Obama’s unilateral action on DACA, or the fact that DACA does not alter anyone’s illegal immigration status, Slatery chose instead, to join TIRRC’s push for passage of the “DREAM Act of 2017” which would grant amnesty and a path to citizenship for the DACA eligible.

Slatery’s push for amnesty is also in line with the campaign being led by the New American Economy. In 2013, this same organization then called the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE), was championing the “Gang of Eight” immigration reform bill which included amnesty and was supported by Sens. Alexander and Corker.

GOP gubernatorial candidate Randy Boyd is a named member of the PNAE.

In his letter to Sens. Alexander and Corker dated September 1, 2017, which Slatery wrote after meeting with Teatro, he encouraged the senators to support the DREAM Act. Teatro’s take on Slatery’s concession to TIRRC was quoted in a recent New Yorker article:

He did everything we hoped for, and at such a strategic moment.

We didn’t want our senators to feel uncomfortable challenging the Attorney General. If the state’s official position is against these kids, it will it make it harder for Senator Corker to support the DREAM Act. He’s up for election next year.

It was estimated that the 2012 DACA extended to over one million illegal aliens with approximately 8,300 having arrived illegally to Tennessee.

In 2014, Slatery joined Tennessee with twenty-five other states challenging the constitutionality of Obama’s efforts to expand the DACA program and add another amnesty program called DAPA for yet another group of illegal aliens. Taken together, the programs were estimated to offer amnesty and work permits for almost four million illegal aliens.

A federal judge granted the states’ request for an injunction, holding that there was no statutory authority for the executive branch to unilaterally confer lawful presence and work authorization on illegal aliens. In June 2017, the Secretary of Homeland Security revoked these two programs. The 2012 DACA program was not part of the lawsuit but is subject to the very same defects relied upon by the judge in the 2015 suit.

Slatery has chosen instead to be led by TIRRC’s agenda which includes amnesty, open borders, in-state college tuition for illegal alien students, and establishing sanctuary cities in Tennessee.

Teatro who came to the U.S. from Canada on a student visa and worked as a union organizer, now leads TIRRC with co-director Lindsey Harris whose husband is Metro Council member Colby Sledge. An ordinance drafted with TIRRC’s help, was co-sponsored by Sledge and would have made Nashville the most liberal sanctuary city in the U.S. The ordinance was withdrawn before a final vote.

TIRRC, an affiliate of the National Council of La Raza and a recipient of funding from a George Soros front group, has been agitating for Nashville to formalize its informal sanctuary city practices since the election of President Trump.

This may possibly be the second time that Slatery has followed the advice of TIRRC on an immigration issue.

Teatro was arguably the most vocal opponent of SJR467, the Tennessee General Assembly’s joint resolution seeking to challenge the federal refugee resettlement program for violating the Tenth Amendment. Slatery chose not to defend the the federal government’s commandeering of state revenues and usurping Tennessee’s sovereign interests under the Constitution.



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12 Thoughts to “Tennessee Attorney General Slatery Pushes Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants On Advice From Soros Funded Organization”

  1. […] that Tennessee’s Attorney General is super soft on illegal immigration going so far as to advocate for amnesty for the “dreamers” after meeting with TIRRC’s director a few years back. No different than […]

  2. Paul Wade

    He was appointed and can be fired. Wait and see. To give amnesty and probably citizenship to an illegal alien is opening the door to any and all.

    1. Marc

      We do not want illegals here in our great state of Tennessee !!!!!!

      1. Marc

        Fire !!!!! The Attorney General cause we don’t want our families murdered and definitely tired of paying for these illegals aliens that are already here!!!!!!

  3. […] came to this conclusion after meeting with Stephanie Teatro, co-director of the Soros-funded TN Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition […]

  4. Nelda Smith

    Read it and weep…get rid of this Tennessee Attorney General!

  5. Wolf Woman

    Yes, Corker is up for re-election this next year. And remember when you vote how he has given the middle finger to us, the legal residents of the state of Tennessee and the United States of America.
    I call Corker a traitor and disgrace to his state and country. And the same is true for La Raza Randy Boyd. What a mistake it would be for him, with his socialist oligarchic positions, to be governor!

    Stephanie Teatro is joined at the hip with our leftist Mayor Megan Barry and if they have their way, Nashville will be a magnet for illegal aliens that will strain the already strained resources of a city that can hardly keep up with its growth. The illegal aliens contribute very little in return as they wave their own country’s flag at protests against our nation of laws. It seems that Teatro and Barry and TIRRC want to put Nashville on the same trajectory as other “progressive” democrat failed cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, etc. And that will happen if they aren’t stopped.

  6. Jim Forsythe

    How sick! It sounds like he has been bought by Mr. Evil, a/k/a George Soros.

  7. lb

    This is just disgusting. Can I, a regular, normal, LEGAL American and citizen of TN just request a meeting with the AG and get it? The answer to that is NO–so how does Teatro keep getting these meetings?

  8. Bruce

    All the more reason TN’s AG n eds to be elected and held accountable to TN Voters.

    1. Mayor Barry

      Constitution smonstitution. I’m in charge now!