Latinos For Tennessee Defends Nashville Statement Endorsing Traditional Marriage

Tennessee Star


Latinos For Tennessee is defending the Nashville Statement, a declaration by Christian evangelicals that upholds traditional marriage and maintains that homosexuality and transgenderism are sinful.

Tommy Vallejos, the group’s board chairman, says the swift backlash against the statement is “outrageous.”

The statement was approved Aug. 25 at a meeting of evangelical leaders in Nashville and was named for the city in keeping with a historical Christian practice of naming doctrinal statements for the places where they were written.

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry, a progressive Democrat, spoke out against the statement, tweeting that it “does not represent the inclusive values of the city & people of Nashville.” Three Nashville progressives started a counter statement that says, “God does not need you to change.” The Nashville Statement has also drawn criticism from some Christians who attend conservative churches who say it was too harsh and not helpful to the discussion of LGBT issues.

A Sept. 9 news release from Latinos For Tennessee noted that the Nashville Statement reiterated “a set of beliefs and principles that are shared by millions of Americans and the majority of Tennesseans, according to some polls.”

Vallejos, who is a pastor in Clarksville and a Montgomery County commissioner, said in the news release:

How outrageous for opponents of the Nashville Statement to attack the signers for standing up for their faith and deeply held religious convictions. Contrary to press reports or critics, the Nashville Statement did not call for the persecution of the members of the LGBT community. It was a statement of faith, put simply.

Unfortunately, Mayor Barry’s disingenuous attacks are representative of the progressive left that scorns, mocks and bullies anyone who disagrees with their progressive worldview. At times like this, it’s especially important to remember that religious freedom is a cornerstone of American democracy.

Latinos For Tennessee is a conservative political action group that promotes faith, family, freedom and fiscal responsibility. Based in Nashville, the group also has a presence in other parts of the state.




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2 Thoughts to “Latinos For Tennessee Defends Nashville Statement Endorsing Traditional Marriage”

  1. Wolf Woman

    Kudos to Tommy Vallejos and the Latinos of Tennessee for standing up for their Christian beliefs in the midst of this tacky progressive attack.

    Megan Barry, please stay out of the business of religion and tend to your own knitting or sidewalks or street repaving or other mayoral city business. The Christians here render unto Barry what is Barry’s and unto God what is God’s

    One of the progressives, Melissa Greene, mentioned above who helped launch the “God doesn’t need you to change” memo has started her own inclusive church, Imaginarium, and her top board member is none other than the ubiquitous Daoud Abudiab. So the Evangelical and the Muslim have started their own church, Imaginarium, to change the world. Ms Greene you are swimming in unfamiliar waters, way above your head. Good luck.


  2. Sim

    This world is so mixed up, few know right from wrong any longer.

    Most believe man made laws should be obeyed and view breakers of these laws as “Criminals and Evil”,

    While at the same time don’t view breakers of “God’s laws” as being “Criminal and “Evil”.

    And “Too Many” who “Claim to be” Christians…Aid & Abet… these Criminals and their evil who break God’s laws.

    2Jo 1:10 If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed:
    11 For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.