Talk Show Host Michael DelGiorno Endorses Andy Ogles for U. S. Senate

On Thursday, WTN 99.7 FM talk radio host Michael DelGiorno endorsed Andy Ogles for the Republican nomination to United States Senate for the seat currently held by Senator Bob Corker (R-TN).

“I wholeheartedly support your candidacy, and there is nobody who could announce in the future who could woo me away from my confidence that you are the right person, at the right time, to fill this seat,” DelGiorno told Ogles on his morning program.

DelGiorno told his listeners he hoped they would “extend all favor you hold for me to Andy Ogles. This is the time to start praying, this is the time to start giving, and this is the time to start volunteering if you want this Senate seat to be ours again. I encourage you to get behind him.”

DelGiorno hosts his program on WTN every Monday through Friday from 9 am to noon.

Senator Corker has come under criticism from Republicans in Tennessee for his relentless criticism of President Trump, who remains very popular in the state. Recent polls show the president’s approval rating among likely Republican primary voters remains above 80 percent.

Corker has yet to announce whether he will seek a third term. First elected in 2006, his seat is up for re-election in 2018.

Ogles, who served as the director of the Tennessee chapter of Americans for Prosperity from 2014 until this week, is the first announced Republican candidate for the August 2018 Republican primary.

You can listen to the full interview below:



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3 Thoughts to “Talk Show Host Michael DelGiorno Endorses Andy Ogles for U. S. Senate”

  1. Verlin Lynn

    I don’t know anything about Mr. Ogles,but there is no way that I would vote for Bob Corker.He supported Obama in the Iran nuclear deal.And by doing so he committed high treason against the United States.willing to let a country have a nuclear weapon that wants to distroy us.Corker and all of the other politicians that voted for the Iran deal should be arrested and tried for high treason

  2. Roger

    Senator Coker is now an establishment politician voting his own pocket and not representing the people. While I might vote for him as opposed to a pajama boy Democrat. I sincerely hope we replace him in the primaries.

    1. Norman S Layne

      Corker needs to go. He has worn out his welcome at my house.