WTN’s Michael DelGiorno Endorses Rebecca Burke in GOP Primary Challenge to State Rep. Charles Sargent

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WTN 99.7 talk radio host Michael DelGiorno made political news again on Friday when he endorsed Republican State Executive Committeewoman Rebecca Burke of Franklin for the Republican nomination in the Tennessee House of Representatives District 61 primary.

Burke announced on Thursday that she is challenging 20 plus year incumbent State Rep. Charles Sargent (R-Franklin), the powerful Chairman of the House Finance, Ways, and Means Committee who voted for Governor Haslam’s gas tax increase in the 2017 session of the Tennessee General Assembly.

“Please Tennessee, elect this amazing woman, proven conservative, eloquent, intelligent, servant leader to our State House!! It’s time this seat belongs to the people and NOT to one deal making politician! Hey Williamson County, stop talking about how strong you are and actually be it,” said DelGiorno in a statement released on Friday.

It was the second major political endorsement of a conservative candidate in a Republican primary made by DelGiorno this past week. On Thursday, DelGiorno endorsed Andy Ogles for in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Senator Bob Corker (R-TN).

Burke, a long-time veteran of grassroots conservative activism and Republican politics, announced her challenge to Sargent last week.

“Many think that we should be worried about the ‘Swamp’ in Washington D.C., but my sights are focused on the ‘Swamp’ in Tennessee,” Burke said in her announcement.

“Our robust county is home to leading business which is a tax engine for the State. Remove Williamson County and our tax revenue from the State, and they would be in trouble. Yet they return to us only a small percentage of what we send to them. That can’t continue,” she added, and placed the blame directly on her opponent.

“While Charles Sargent has been our representative, the State’s share of schools’ funding has decreased and decreased, while our taxes flow freely to the State, that’s not advocacy for our County. We need new formulas and stronger leadership,” Burke said.

Burke appeared as a special guest on DelGiorno’s WTN 99.7 radio program, which he hosts on weekdays from 9 a.m to noon,  on Thursday.

You can hear the full interview here:

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