Cleveland, Tennessee Businessman Pulls Ads From NFL Broadcasts

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A Cleveland, Tennessee, businessman is yanking his commercials from TV and radio broadcasts of NFL games for the rest of the season because of national anthem protests.

Allan Jones is the founder of Check Into Cash and runs commercials for Check Into Cash, Buy Here Pay Here USA, and U.S. Money Shops.

“Our companies will not condone in any form the unpatriotic behavior demonstrated by the NFL,” Jones said in a letter to his ad agency in Knoxville.

Jones said on Facebook not to look for Hardwick Clothes ads anymore, either. Jones helped the longtime Cleveland business when it was fighting bankruptcy in 2014, reports WTVC NewsChannel 9.

The Tennessee Titans were among players nationwide protesting this past Sunday after President Trump slammed the practice. The Titans did not even take the field during the playing of the national anthem. Football players have said they are protesting racism and inequality.

WTVC also spoke with former Buffalo Bills General Manager Buddy Nix this week. Nix, who lives today in Chattanooga, said he thinks the protests are disrespectful.

“I believe firmly in standing for the national anthem and being respectful to the flag in this country,” he said. “I don’t think there’s any excuse for not doing that.”

In addition, a Hixson restaurant owner told WTVC he will no longer play NFL games in his restaurant. Matthew Wolcott, who owns Baxters, said the protests disrespect American values.

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3 Thoughts to “Cleveland, Tennessee Businessman Pulls Ads From NFL Broadcasts”

  1. Lee

    Thank you, Mr Jones!

  2. Lee

    Disrespect for the red, white and blue is like spitting in the face of every soldier and veteran .
    God made us red, brown, yellow, black and white and ALL are precious in His sight. Y’all need a dose of religion!😁

  3. Jim Forsythe

    It is great to see a real patriot! Thank you sir.