Bob Corker Contradicts Paul Ryan, Says He Will Not Support Tax Reform Unless Deficit Neutral

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan thinks the Republican tax plan will make it through the U.S. Senate, saying the framework was negotiated on the front end unlike the failed attempts at repealing and replacing Obamacare. “We have more consensus on tax reform as Republicans, and we have less consensus on healthcare reform as Republicans,” the…

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4 Thoughts to “Bob Corker Contradicts Paul Ryan, Says He Will Not Support Tax Reform Unless Deficit Neutral”

  1. Self imposed term-limited congress is as bad as a lame-duck. They will do what ever they want (or gets them the most) because they are not running again. Term Limits are BAD. They have no fear of the people.

  2. Susan E Gingrich

    Where were Corker, Alexander, and Black when Obama increased the deficit more than any other president in history? Republicans in Congress were too afraid of Obama and appearing politically incorrect to stop him from spending, taking the country into more debt, and so many more negative actions. Now that Corker is leaving, he can be brave and join the hypocritical democrats speaking out against more debt. Nothing will get done with RINOs like him in Congress.

  3. Jim Forsythe

    Corker is an idiot! He is just a democrat in disguise.

  4. Steve Lowe

    It appears that Conservative voters will have to drain the Senate swamp in the 2018 primary season before any true change in Washington can take place. President Trump has a mandate from the people and yet is handcuffed by members of the Republican Party. That is easier to understand if we accept that President Trump is not viewed as a Republican by the members of the Republican Party in Washington. He is a Populist, and the enemy, to them. Time for a new Political Party so Conservatives can send their own candidates up? Like Judge Moore vs. Swamp Creature Luther Strange.