Commentary: After Las Vegas Massacre, Hillary Clinton Demonstrates Again Why She Lost the 2016 Election

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The nation mourned, the law enforcement investigated, President Donald Trump, his wife and his White House prayed – and Hillary Clinton called for gun control and attacks on the National Rifle Association. That’s the response to the horrific killings of dozens and injuring of hundreds by gunman Stephen Paddock, 64. Hillary: This is why you lost.…

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3 Thoughts to “Commentary: After Las Vegas Massacre, Hillary Clinton Demonstrates Again Why She Lost the 2016 Election”

  1. Randall

    Where is the outrage to ban cars? Every crime that can be committed with a gun can be committed with an automobile. Criminals don’t walk to a crime scene. They drive!

  2. Of course she’s hitting on that right away. If you don’t go after “the ask” (take down NRA and take away guns) when everyone is upset and terrified and running on emotions, if you don’t paint the narrative when the emotions are high enough to make it stick in people’s heads as truth, others may actually be able to slip in there with logic later. And we can’t have that.

  3. Wolf Woman

    This loser and all her leftist cohorts want to ban guns. Guns are bad because the “gun” is a killer. Seriously, do they think a gun fires itself? A person, a shooter, sites the gun and pulls the trigger because of a motive to kill, whether it be animals or humans. This fact means the responsibility for the death of animals or humans rests with the individual who shoots the gun. And the judgement of whether the motive for the shooting is good or bad is up to a jury of peers.

    Go away Hilary, go be a grandmother. It’s a higher calling than being a shill for a socialist agenda.