Commentary: Mike Pence Mocked for Principles the Left Just Can’t Fathom

Mike Pence, post-Colts-49ers walkout, has been mocked mercilessly by a vicious left as little more than a media hog and public relations stuntman for daring to leave the game in protest of players’ national anthem kneeling. The left, the suspicious, mega-partisan, ever-political left, just can’t believe that someone would actually stand on principle. Their logic?…

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2 Thoughts to “Commentary: Mike Pence Mocked for Principles the Left Just Can’t Fathom”

  1. Jim Forsythe

    Mike did the correct thing! No one should honor those losers who are disrespecting our flag.

  2. Betty Lynn Duley

    Were the Colts retiring Peyton Manning’s jersey at this game? Could it be that a long time Colts fan wanted to be there for that special event? Oh, no! Could this really be about honoring a great athlete and hoping to enjoy a game? And also honoring the country in which the game is being played. Could it be about standing for beliefs and respect for a great Colts quarterback and not at all about ” a handful of 49ers players knelt during the national anthem.” Maybe it’s not all about them at all ….. darn, wouldn’t that be the greatest insult of all!