Jude Eden: Congress ‘Inept’ at Stamping Out Social Engineering in the Military

FRANKLIN, Tennessee — Social engineering in the military is weakening America’s armed forces, and Congress is allowing it to happen, Jude Eden said Saturday at the Tennessee Eagle Forum Conference.

“Congress has proved itself weak, inept and unwilling to stand up for sound military priorities,” the Marine Corps veteran said to applause at the Embassy Suites hotel. “Their spinelessness has already cost lives.”

Eden spoke about the effects of former President Obama’s decisions to repeal the ban on openly gay service members, welcome transgender individuals into the military and open all combat positions to women.

Eden said ideas promoted by activists that supposedly address fairness and justice don’t square with the military’s mission to win wars quickly with few casualties.

“For the military, what’s unfair is anything that jeopardizes the mission, and what’s unjust is anything that adds needless danger and risk,” she said.

Eden served in the Marines from 2004-2008 as a data communications specialist. She deployed for more than eight months to Fallujah, Iraq, where she supported a communications network and worked at a checkpoint frisking women for explosives. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Hillsdale College.

Much of Eden’s speech focused on women in combat roles.

“The idea of women warriors is a male sexual fantasy dating back to the ancient Greeks,” she said.

In reality, women are generally not as strong as men, despite what people are being led to believe today, Eden said. When tested on combat tasks, “women are slower, weaker, less accurate and fatigue faster than men.” They also face higher injury rates and are specifically targeted by the enemy.

“Her torture is worse than that inflicted on a man and our enemies know it,” Eden said. “Career opportunity for women turns into the opportunity to be treated savagely. What’s so tragic about this policy is that it sets up women for failure while claiming to benefit them. First by lying to them and telling them that they’re men’s physical equals and that it’s men’s attitudes stopping them from performing the same, then leaving them with a lifetime of injuries and disabilities that are more in number, worse in degree and longer lasting than those men face.”

The feminists pushing for women in combat aren’t the ones living through the hardships and paying the medical bills. Instead, women in combat are “just their stepping stones to political power,” she said.

The costs paid by women in the military are steep, she said, making it unlikely that women in droves are going to seek lengthy military careers.

“It’s not an equal opportunity for women because they don’t have an equal opportunity to survive,” Eden said, describing the situation as dangerous for both women and the men serving alongside them. “Yet activists pushing for it ignore this destructiveness, even to women themselves.”



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  1. 83ragtop50

    Congress needs to get out of the military’s business – period. They ruin everything they touch.