President Trump Tweets ‘Liddle’ Bob Corker ‘Made to Sound a Fool’ by New York Times

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On Tuesday morning, President Trump slammed ‘Liddle’ Bob Corker for his recent interview with the New York Times.


On Fox News’ Hannity last night, former White House chief strategist and Breitbart News executive Steve Bannon said that Senator Bob Corker (R-TN)should resign immediately because of those comments made to The Times:

Bannon was reacting to a series of reckless attacks made on President Trump by Senator Corker (R-TN), the first coming in several Twitter exchanges with the president on Sunday morning, the others coming in an interview with the New York Times, which released the audio transcript of the conversation.

“In a time of war, we have troops in Afghanistan, in the Northwest Pacific in Korea. We have a major problem,” Bannon said.

“It could be like World War I. In the South China Sea, in the Persian Gulf – we have American lives at risk every day. He tweets on Sunday that it’s like the adult center and somebody didn’t have the morning shift. Then he has the audacity to go to The New York Times?” the former White House chief strategist asked rhetorically.

“These people have no respect for the working men and women in the United States. I tell you what – Senator Corker is an absolute disgrace. And I agree with Jason Miller. He was the comms director on our campaign – I think one of the best comms people around. Jason was on CNN. . . he called for Senator Corker to resign, for the governor of Tennessee to replace him with Marsha Blackburn, a real conservative,” Bannon said.

“If Bob Corker had any honor, any decency. he should resign immediately. He should not let those words stand on what he said about the president of the United States,” Bannon added.


You can watch the complete Hannity interview of Bannon here:

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3 Thoughts to “President Trump Tweets ‘Liddle’ Bob Corker ‘Made to Sound a Fool’ by New York Times”

  1. Jim Forsythe

    Corker makes himself sound like a fool! Probably because he is.