Representative Diane Black Stands with President Trump on ‘Immigration Policies and Principles’


Gubernatorial hopeful Representative Diane Black (TN-06) issued a strong statement of support Monday of President Trump’s extensive series of memos outlining the White House Immigration Policies and Principles. The new outline is, by and large, a restatement of previous positions together into a single, comprehensive document (see embedded .pdf below).

“I applaud President Trump for taking a strong step to secure our borders and keep Americans safe,” Representative Black stated, adding:

The President has been consistent in his efforts to stop illegal immigration and make sure that we put Americans first. I support him and I hope every Republican does the same.

I’m glad the President has included some of the provisions from my bill with Senator Toomey (H.R.400 –  Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act) to end sanctuary cities and make sure that liberal politicians around the country can’t ignore the law and put their citizens in danger. It’s something we need to do, and I support President Trump’s efforts to do it.”

The Principles, which were included in a letter sent by President Trump to Senate and House leadership Sunday, were also tweeted via the White House pool:

This is the second time in as many weeks that Ms. Black has issued a statement unequivocally supporting of President Trump’s policy proposals.






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4 Thoughts to “Representative Diane Black Stands with President Trump on ‘Immigration Policies and Principles’”

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  2. 83ragtop50

    Congressman Black has proven to want to straddle the fence on tough topics. She is surely not the conservative that she would like us to believe she is. Having said that …. she would be a giant step in the right direction after Haslam.

  3. lb

    The candidate that will get my vote will be ANTI illegals/daca, etc AND vow to immediately investigate the FOR PROFIT “refugee resettlement” issues and extert total State control. They will also need an immediate audit of ALL State services (welfare benefits of any kind) and remove all illegals from them.

    1. 83ragtop50

      I would vote for one who would stand for those actions. I am tired of Americans taking a back seat to illegals and “refugees”. Of course I do not know what the Catholic Charities would do for money if the illegal refugee operation was shut down in Tennessee. Maybe they would actually start a program to assist the Christian who are being persecuted and killed around the world. Would that be too much to ask of a supposed Christian organization? Apparently. Alas, it is all about the money and the future Democrat voters.