Rep. Diane Black: ‘My Four Seats Will Stay Empty Until the Titans Stand for the Anthem’

Gubernatorial candidate and House Budget Chair Representative Diane Black (TN-06) made news Tuesday on the Hugh Hewitt show when she declared her four season tickets will go unused unless and until the Tennessee Titans stand to honor the flag during the National Anthem.

In response to Hewitt’s question regarding her position of the so-called ‘NFL kneelers,’ Rep Black answered, “I have had [season tickets] since the Titans came to town. I actually did not miss a single game when they were in Memphis and we were building a stadium for them. But my four tickets are in the drawer, and they will stay in the drawer. My seats will stay empty until we have an appreciation of our flag, our men and women who fight for this country, and for what this flag stands for.”

And then she turned her ire to NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell, saying, “And so I am disgusted with the whole NFL. I applaud Jerry Jones for what he’s doing, and I think all the owners should do that. And I think Goodell’s job should be pulled.”

Hewitt pressed Black, asserting his distaste for boycotts, and asking, “Let the players say whatever they want. I just think you have to stand up for the flag. Is that, do you mind players being political off the field?”

Black fired back:

Not at all. They have every right to be political off of the field, every right. But I’m going to bring up this. You know, Roger Goodell told one of the players that he couldn’t wear a pair of socks that had a Bible verse on it, because that wasn’t part of the uniform, and it wasn’t part of the team, and it wasn’t part of the league. And now, we’re allowing an expression such as this, and then we’re applauding it? You know, I don’t understand that. I really don’t. And then I’m not, I pay a lot of money to go see them, not only the tickets, but the food that I buy and so on and so forth. And I think do your job, please. I come there to watch you play football. I don’t come there to listen or see you degrade our country. And so if you want to do that, I don’t care. Do it off of the field, and then I can make that decision about whether I like what you stand for. But I am coming there to pay to see a show.



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