FBI Finds 30 Pages of Documents on Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting

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After insisting it had no documents related to former President Bill Clinton’s infamous tarmac meeting with then Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the FBI this week acknowledged that was not true. Judicial Watch had filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit in an attempt to learn more about the meeting, described by both the former president and…

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One Thought to “FBI Finds 30 Pages of Documents on Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting”

  1. Higgins

    New president. New FBI director. Clean slate. Every opportunity to show the American people it is once again worthy of our trust and respect, and once again the world’s premier investigative agency.

    First, the FBI blows the Las Vegas terrorist attack investigation by declaring in less than 12 hours Paddock acted alone. There is absolutely no way they could interview all the witnesses and victims, get ballistic results on all the bullets, match those ballistic results to the rifles found in the rooms, review the video tapes, review the audio, and lay out a time line for management review in 12 hours.

    The Miami shootout in 1986 took months to thoroughly investigate.

    Now this. The FBI is again caught lying to the American people.

    One can only conclude the FBI is corrupt throughout and nothing it does or says can be trusted. The FBI is a renegade federal police organization best described as America’s own KGB.