Apologetics Conference Brings Global Evangelists to Murfreesboro

“I don’t have enough faith to be atheist.”

That statement may make atheists scratch their heads or utter a mocking remark. However, it is the focal point of Christian apologist Frank Turek’s ministry.

He will share his arguments for Christianity at the Defending Truth Apologetics Conference on Nov. 4 at New Vision Baptist Church in Murfreesboro. He will be joined by global evangelist Ravi Zacharias; J. Warner Wallace, author of “Cold-Case Christianity;” and evangelist Stuart McAllister.

Defending the Truth will equip people with tools to engage non-Christians within the secular American culture, people with “a sense something is wrong with the world and everyone knows there is something wrong.” In his ministry, Turek makes the case that Christianity is more rational than unbelief.

Every person has a sense of justice. What is justice? What is the source of justice? Why should we fight for justice?

“None of that makes any sense unless God exists,” Turek said. “There is no justice if we are just molecular machines like the atheists say. Everybody wants to right wrongs, but there can’t be something wrong unless there is something right, and right does not exist unless a standard of right exists — that’s God.”

Those arguing for social justice are presupposing a standard, and that standard is God.

“We know things are unjust,” he said. “God makes it all right by taking all the injustice on himself at the cross.”

Defending the Truth is taking place in Murfreesboro exactly one week following a white nationalist rally and a counter-rally. Racism, another injustice, happens because some people have evil in their hearts, Turek said.

“Why is racism wrong,” he said. “Because people are made in the image of God: There’s a standard, and we know it’s wrong to treat people based on their skin color. People may claim it’s right, but it means their hearts are evil.”

Defending Truth Apologetics Conference is presented by NRBTV of Nashville. More information is available on the conference website.



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