America First Federation Calls on Mitch McConnell to Remove Bob Corker As Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman on National Security Grounds

NASHVILLE, Tennessee — On Tuesday, the America First Federation (AFF) called on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to remove Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on national security grounds.

For good measure, Corker should resign entirely from the United States Senate, the conservative grassroots organization based in Tennessee says.

“Senator Corker has decided to become the champion of his own myopic agenda, rather than the national security interests of the United States,” Mark Skoda, founder and chairman of AFF told The Tennessee Star.

“Senator Corker’s erratic comments attacking President Trump are giving aid and comfort to our enemies around the world, and Majority Leader McConnell must act now to remove that national security threat from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee immediately,” Skoda said.

“The people of Tennessee have rejected his rhetoric. I personally have continued to call into his offices to express my disgust but have been unable to get through to the Capital. Either Bob Corker is extremely popular and receiving congratulatory calls on his obstruction, or he is getting an earful from Tennessee voters who overwhelmingly supported Trump in 2016. I suspect that latter rather than the former!” Skoda added

“In light of Senator Corker’s continued efforts to undermine President Trump and the foreign policy of the United States, it is time for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to step up and remove Corker from his position as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee,” Skoda said.

“Senator Corker announced his intention not to run for reelection for Senator of Tennessee. Since making this decision, he has felt compelled to disparage President Trump and has acted in a manner that betrays the vast majority of voters of our state of Tennessee. Given his decision and his penchant to block the President’s agenda, Corker should simply resign and stop embarrassing himself,” Skoda concluded.

“I am a life-long conservative and elected official with the Tennessee Republican Party. My role is to further the success of the Party’s platform and its elected officials. Sadly, today it appears that at least two Republican senators do not share that goal,” Rebecca Ann Burke, President of the America First Federation, said, adding:

They have fought the President at every turn. The best of the Republican Party today does not include U.S. Senator Bob Corker. We witnessed a gross miscalculation of public sentiment, and one can cite 1,523,000 reasons why, the vote of Tennesseans captured by Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.

We share the President’s disgust. It has become apparent that Sen. Corker would rather undermine the administration with base remarks about our President. That he would ignore Tennessee voters to get in his two cents worth is intolerable. He must be removed from the Foreign Relations Committee. His judgment is severely impaired and his ego is getting in the way of making America great again!

Burke, elected in 2014 as State Executive Committeewoman for the Tennessee Republican Party, represents Senate District 23 of Williamson County.

Randy Ross, Florida Chairman, America First Federation and President, Trump 2020 Club said, “I continue to be unimpressed with those who seek to block or derail a President we elected to Make America Great Again. Like Senator McCain, Senator Corker is publicly lobbying a position that we the people don’t embrace or appreciate. I can assure you, here in Florida, and everywhere in our country, we are watching and taking notes. Our President isn’t the problem. Elected officials like Corker are exactly why President Trump won nearly a year ago. In Florida we are already talking Trump 2020. So long Corker and anyone aligned with your archaic approach to Government.”

The America First Federation includes state-based leadership and is committed to changing the dynamics of communicating clearly to its membership while supporting these principles.

The founders of the America First Federation include the following activists in ten key states: Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.




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6 Thoughts to “America First Federation Calls on Mitch McConnell to Remove Bob Corker As Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman on National Security Grounds”

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  2. Randall

    If he’s kicked out of Congress I’m afraid he’ll come back to Tennessee..

  3. Bob

    LOCK HIM UP! Seriously. Tennessee should recall him now!

  4. Corker got into office under one condition – he was not Harold Ford Jr.

    I was a reluctant Trump voter but anyone can see that he, Flake, and McCain are launching their attacks in a coordinated fashion. My bet would be that one or all of them had something to do with the Fusion GPS funding for the so-called Russian dossier. So they’re getting in their licks first before the banks are forced to unmask where the money came from.

    A true scumbag, Corkboy. I’m sure your underlings at the main office read all the websites and comments sections. Consider this my two middle fingers in your specific direction.

  5. Steve L.

    Senator Corker should be (and may be) under investigation for corruption as an elected official. Insider trading, as a Senator, is his sin. He is trying to negotiate his way out of going to jail by holding his “solemn promise to represent the folks of Tennessee in an ethical and responsible manner” hostage in exchange for a pardon of some type from the President or AG Sessions. Little Bob needs to resign immediately and dedicate his efforts going forward to stay out of jail. How embarrassing for his family. And for Tennessee.

  6. Sim

    Pardon my French, but “DAMN” don’t people know who created the “Council on Foreign Relations” and the purpose it was created??
    I could tell you but I think it’s time people did a little digging for the truth on their own.
    In a nutshell, it was created by people you’ll never have an opportunity to vote for or against to direct the course of government, toward the Globalist One world Government.

    And who is the “Chairman”, our beloved “Bob real the Corker”.