John Rose Declines To Participate in 6th Congressional District Public Forums With Opponent State Rep. Judd Matheny

HENDERSONVILLE, Tennessee – John Rose declined to participate in a public forum here at VFW Post 9851 on Thursday with State Rep. Judd Matheny (R-Tullahoma), his opponent for the Republican nomination in the 6th Congressional District race in 2018 to succeed Rep. Diane Black (R-TN-06), who is running for governor.

The Hendersonville event was one of four similar forums around the district that Rose will not be attending.

In a letter dated October 31 and received on the day of the first forum, Rose declined participating in any of the upcoming forums, as he is “currently focused on meeting and listening to the voters of Tennessee’s Sixth Congressional District,” adding that “there will be a time for forums and debates,” and

At the appropriate time, I look forward to a forum sponsored by a well-established, independent, reputable organization.

Rose’s letter declining the invitation did not elaborate on what he considered to be a “reputable organization.”

The forum was organized by a group of long-time middle Tennessee activists, led by Katherine Hudgins of the 4th Congressional District ; well-known taxpayer advocate and Nashville Tea Party founder Ben Cunningham; founding member of Sumner United for Responsible Government, Ruth Fennel; as well as Kevin and Laura Baigert from Sumner Taxpayers Alliance.

When the formal program began, Matheny made an opening statement, then took organizer-prepared questions from the moderator, Lipscomb University political science Assistant Professor Marc Schwerdt, as well as several submitted by attendees, before making his closing remarks.

The questions covered a wide range of topics including sanctuary cities, immigration, “Constitutional carry,” and qualifications for the office.

The formal program lasted about an hour with Matheny arriving at least 30 minutes prior to and staying after the formal program, allowing time to mingle with voters.

About 40 people attended the forum.

Three additional forums are scheduled for Monday, November 13 at the Senior Citizen Center in Mt. Juliet; Tuesday, November 14 at the Putnam County Courthouse in Cookeville; and Thursday, November 16 at the Coffee County Courthouse in Manchester, all starting at 7 p.m.

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3 Thoughts to “John Rose Declines To Participate in 6th Congressional District Public Forums With Opponent State Rep. Judd Matheny”

  1. Jim Brown

    John had declined his invitation because of a prior commitment and Judd knew this. This is just a political ploy. John Rose: I’m in Lafayette tonight for the Macon Co Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation meeting. Terry Goad, President and Office Secretary Teresa Austin, kicked off the business meeting with the prayer and pledge. Rural people coming together to discuss the issues is critical to growth in the region and I’m committed in this race to hearing from you – the voters of #TN6 John Rose

  2. Stuart I. Anderson

    Please give Mr. Rose some time. He has to hire pollsters to let him know what Republicans in the sixth district want to hear, then he has to hire speech writers to tell him how to say what the pollsters tell him the voters want to hear. When you never have held public office before and think it would be fun to be a U. S. congressman it takes time to learn how to play the part.

  3. Lee

    Well, definitely voting for Mr Matheny. Mr Rose’s letter calling our mtg disreputable is rude and disrespectful. Having attended, I can verify that the mtg was orderly and informative. It’s Mr Rose’s loss.