Letter to the Editor: Gun Control, Border Security, and the Flagrant Hypocrisy of the Left

Gun Control

Dear Tennessee Star,

The Texas Church shooting is a tragedy. I wish I could think of some realistic idea that would halt this type of horrible event from ever happening again, but I can’t. Over the years I’ve watched the horror of this type of senseless mass killing with the same sense of loss and hopelessness as most Americans. I listen to “experts” point out common factors, guns being the most often noted, and then watch as the discussions sink into a morass of mental illness in its various forms, notification of authorities by mental health professionals, failure to follow up with patients, on, and on, and on, leaving out some killers with no known mental health issues. So,even the “experts” seem at a loss.

Now come the Democrats and the Hollywood types. “More gun control laws!” they shout from the rooftops, at any microphone within range of their voices. If I sincerely believed more gun control would work, I would be shouting with them.

While these mass shootings merit attention and efforts at resolution, totals of citizens murdered by shootings in strict gun controlled cities, think Chicago, dwarf the loss of life in “mass shootings.” Think of Chicago as a slow motion, time-lapse mass shooting. The existence of numerous and very strict Chicago democrat styled firearms laws seems ridiculously ineffective at stopping or even reducing the number of needless deaths. The call for more is almost laughable, except for the seriousness of the failure of what currently exists.

Democrats appear hypocritically dishonest in this regard. They scream for more laws, as if they believe laws are important. Yet, these same politicians flagrantly ignore immigration law and call for sanctuary cities. Apparently they believe they can choose which laws to obey. In the “old days” those who acted in such a manner were called “lawbreakers.”

“Undocumented” is not a substitute for “illegal.” Why are the Democrats OK with that? Their actions betray their phony concern. Illegal aliens have killed US citizens just as murderers with guns have. While shooting deaths seem stubbornly impervious to the passing of more laws, our nation has an effective way to significantly reduce senseless deaths caused by illegal aliens. We don’t need to “pass another law” to save some American lives. How about just enforcing current immigration law?


William H.
Lebannon, TN

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One Thought to “Letter to the Editor: Gun Control, Border Security, and the Flagrant Hypocrisy of the Left”

  1. Kevin B

    Well stated, Willam H! Historically, the “left” has been very effective at wordsmithing and accordingly have been winning the War of Words. But thanks to entities like Breitbart, the Tennessee Star, and other news sources, the truth is getting distributed and being heard. And Americsns are waking up. 2018 is going to be a pivotal moment for Tennessee and America. Do we continue to drain the swamps in Nashville and DC? Or do we choose to allow the work and sacrifice of our forefathers be undone?