Rep. Marsha Blackburn Releases Video Backing President Trump’s Immigration Policies


U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN-7) on Monday released a video in which she expressed support for President Trump’s immigration policies. Blackburn, who is running for the Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), says in the video:

I support the president’s goals and his plan on immigration. He is right to require Congress to get in there and figure out this entry-exit program, and how our visas are issued.

Forty percent of those that are illegally in the country are here because they have overstayed a visa. So, the American people for a variety of reasons have said let’s secure this southern border. Yes, part of it will be a wall, part of it is probably going to be increased surveillance. Part of it is going to be other technology.

The good thing is the border patrol is leading a lot of this discussion in saying this is what we need. And we in Congress need to give the border patrol what they see they need. What they tell us they need, in order to secure the southern border.

On Thursday, Fox News published an op-ed by Blackburn in which she spoke out against sanctuary cities and discussed legislation she is reintroducing called the Clear Law Enforcement for Criminal Alien Removal (CLEAR) Act. The act would cut off federal funding to sanctuary cities and states, and require the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to take custody of criminal illegal immigrants within 48 hours of an arrest, if requested to do so by a state or local entity, or ask the local agency to temporarily detain them. The act also requires DHS help train state and local officers. Blackburn wrote:

Over two years ago, Kate Steinle was shot and killed on a San Francisco pier. A convicted felon illegal alien, Garcia Zarate, is currently on trial for Steinle’s murder. Zarate had previously been deported five times and was to be deported again until the local sheriff’s office released him because of San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy.

California took things a step further recently by declaring itself a sanctuary state. New Jersey has also threatened to provide statewide amnesty…

In addition to being less safe, sanctuary cities cost hard-working taxpayers money. A Feb. 2 piece in Forbes notes that $27 billion in federal funding was provided to over 100 sanctuary cities in 2016. It states that “the cost of lost federal funding for a family of four residing in one of the 106 sanctuary cities is $1,810 – or $454 per the cost of lost federal person”…

Sanctuary policies are lawless, delusional and open up a Pandora’s box of consequences. They promote open borders by serving as a magnet for illegals lured here by the false hope of amnesty. Every state becomes a border state and every town a border town. Further, if liberal politicians can ignore one law, what is to stop them from ignoring others? Where does the madness end?…

California’s decision to become a sanctuary state is similar to the open borders vision that is destroying Europe. Sanctuary policies threaten public safety, take money from hardworking taxpayers, and encourage more illegal immigration.

Earlier this year, Nashville’s Metro Council considered sanctuary policies, but the bills were withdrawn after public protest and the advice of legal counsel. However, while Nashville has never officially been a sanctuary city, many city and school leaders in recent years have maintained a posture of being sympathetic toward illegal immigrants. Nashville Mayor Megan Barry has criticized the way Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) carries out its responsibilities and speaks frequently about Nashville being a “welcoming” city.




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