Conservatives Blast IRS Request to Keep Tea Party Targeting Testimony Secret

Conservative leaders on Monday blasted a request by a pair of former top IRS officials for a court order to keep sealed their testimony related to the agency’s targeting scandal. Lois Lerner and her deputy Holly Paz cited fears for their personal safety in asking a federal judge last week to keep tapes and transcripts of…

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One Thought to “Conservatives Blast IRS Request to Keep Tea Party Targeting Testimony Secret”

  1. Brian

    The IRS targeting scandal calls the 2012 election’s result into question.

    Groups with liberal sounding names sailed through while tea party or conservative sounding ones were held up.

    It created a message and money imbalance that tainted the outcome more than any Russian collusion allegations did in the 2016 election.

    But yea. Keep hiding her messages. It was just some rogue employees at the Cincinnati office and not even a smidgeon of impropriety. Lerner is wanting to hide those messages, to what, protect her innocence from the public?

    Meanwhile, her subhuman filth continues drawing a six figure taxpayer funded pension.