Mississippi State Quarterback Nick Fitzgerald Releases Statement Mid-Game After Brutal Leg Break

Mississippi State quarterback Nick Fitzgerald suffered one of the worst injuries of the year on Thursday night, as Fitzgerald was seen with a very visible break in one of his legs. Once taken back to the locker room, Fitzgerald sent out a message thanking the fans for their support after…

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Former Presidential Candidate Martin O’Malley Says Democrats Gave Up Competing in State and Local Races

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley said Friday that Democrats allowed Republicans to win in state and local races by not competing the past eight years. “There were many so-called active Democrats that I would speak with on the phone trying to impress upon them, when I was chairman of the…

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Marsha Blackburn Says Donald Trump’s Sanctuary City Funding Ban Should Be Upheld

Marsha Blackburn, President Donald Trump

Rep. Marsha Blackburn said Tuesday that President Trump’s crackdown on sanctuary cities is vital to the safety of American communities. “This is something that needs to happen,” Ms. Blackburn, Tennessee Republican, said on Fox News. “That order needs to be in place.” …

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