State Rep. Art Swann of East Tennessee Hoping to Be Appointed to State Senate Seat

The Blount County Commission in East Tennessee will appoint someone this week to fill the state Senate seat vacated by former state Sen. Doug Overbey (R-Maryville), reports The Daily Times.

Overbey resigned Nov. 21 to be sworn in as U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee.

The commission will meet at 12:15 p.m. Friday in Room 430 of the Blount County Courthouse.

State Rep. Art Swann (R-Maryville) wants to be considered for the District 2 seat and told The Daily Times that he has secured a nomination. The businessman said he has been in contact with most of the county commissioners. “I feel good about my chances,” he said.

First elected to the state House in 1984, Swann served District 20 for two terms. Years later in 2010, he was elected to serve District 8 and has been re-elected to consecutive terms.

Swann said he worked closely with Overbey in the state legislature and the two supported companion bills.

State Rep. Bob Ramsey (R-Maryville) told The Daily Times that he is not interested in the Senate seat and supports Swann’s nomination.

Swann voted for the gas tax hike earlier this year promoted by Republican Gov. Bill Haslam. He has chaired the House Business and Utilities Subcommittee and has been a member of the House Finance, Ways and Means Committee.

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2 Thoughts to “State Rep. Art Swann of East Tennessee Hoping to Be Appointed to State Senate Seat”

  1. […] Rep. Art Swann (R-Maryville) also wants to be appointed to the seat and has said he’s confident about his chances, having spoken with most of the county […]

  2. Norman Bobo

    Art Swann is about as establishment as they come. The BETTER choice for appointment to the Senate is Scott Williams, a relative unknown, who ran against Doug Overbey in the last race and, despite starting with zero name recognition and being outspent 20-to-1, garnered 40% of the vote in that Senate District.