Tennessee Muslim Advisory Council Co-Founder Endorsed Islamic Proselytizing Organization

Sabina Mohyuddin, long-time volunteer and former Youth Director at the Islamic Center of Nashville (ICN), co-founder of the Tennessee American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC), and a featured panelist at a recent event held at the University of the South in Sewanee, endorsed the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), a U.S. based leader in dawah (Islamic proselytizing), at a 2013 event as an organization that “help[s] American Muslims stay true to their religious values while being uniquely American.”

ICNA was named in a 1991 Muslim Brotherhood document, An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America as one of the Brotherhood’s 29 likeminded “organizations of our friends” that shared the common goal of destroying America from within and turning it into a Muslim nation “so that … God’s religion [Islam] is made victorious over all other religions.”

ICNA is also the organization that admits public school students should be targeted for dawah conducted under the guise of “sharing knowledge of Islam as an attempt to correct the misrepresentations often found in secular reading materials.”

Mohyuddin offered the ICNA endorsement during her slide presentation Understanding the American Muslim Community, which was part of a 2013 AMAC sponsored forum in Manchester, Tennessee.

More recently, Mohyuddin was a panelist for a Sewanee Muslim Student Association program Understanding Islamophobia in America:

Mohyuddin began by explaining her perspective on Islamophobia, informing attendees of its implications and consequences as well as providing possible solutions to help combat the prejudice. Mohyuddin explained that the phenomenon developed as a consequence of uninformed prejudice and reactions to acts of terrorism, even though 50 percent of the estimated 2.5 million Muslims in the U.S. are native-born. She also recalled an incident when a Manchester, Tennessee community forum, intended to open a dialogue about Islam was met with taunts and jeers from protesters.

The Manchester program referred to by Mohyuddin was the same one during which AMAC endorsed ICNA and which also featured FBI agent Kenneth Moore and then U.S. Attorney Bill Killian.

Moore, the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Knoxville Division, was the approving authority on the FBI memo detailing information purged from FBI training materials about the Muslim Brotherhood and sharia.

Killian, an Obama appointee, was quoted prior to the event suggesting that he would use federal civil rights laws to stop legally permissible hate speech directed at Muslims.

It was Killian’s earlier comments about prosecuting hate speech and inferring that he would tell Tennesseans what they could and could not say about Muslims and Islam, that converted the planned 2013 forum from being an “open [a] dialogue about Islam,” to robust opposition about curtailing protected First Amendment rights.

“Tackling Islamophobia through dawah” is also promoted as a way to proselytize Islam making the concept of Islamophobia into a double-edged sword. Islamophobia/Islamophobe, has been elevated to name-calling that effectively suppresses any criticism of Islam and Muslims and once muted, opens the way for a da’ee [proselytizer] to “invite them to the fold of Allah.”

SoundVision, established by ICNA, the organization endorsed by Mohyuddin and AMAC, encourages Muslims to meet their religious obligation of dawah by proselytizing Islam in public schools and on college campuses. SoundVision also instructs using Islamophobia as a way to suppress protected speech because it includes acts like:

Note that incidents of Islamophobia are not isolated. Whether it’s depicting the Prophet as a terrorist, disrespecting the Quran, torturing prisoners, bombing civilians or occupying Muslim lands, these are all signs of Islamophobia…

Start using the word Islamophobia to describe any kind of hate crime or speech against Islam and Muslims. Doing this will make the term uniform and eventually, an accepted part of the English language the way the term ‘anti-Semitism’ is.

Mohyuddin told the students at Sewanee that the way to “deter Islamophobia” is to become educated about Islam and listen to more Muslim speakers, strategies included in The Methodology of Dawah Il Allah in American Perspective authored by ICNA’s former director of it’s Dawah and Publications Department.

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4 Thoughts to “Tennessee Muslim Advisory Council Co-Founder Endorsed Islamic Proselytizing Organization”

  1. Bob

    I hope before Trump leaves office he declares The Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist organization.

  2. radmat6

    I think it’s time to introduce “Christianophobia” into the discussion. It would seem that Islam is rife with Christianophobes. Tolerance doesn’t seem to fit in the Muslim narrative anywhere as they seek to occupy Christian lands.

  3. Muhammad

    “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers.” (Koran 3:151)

  4. Wolf Woman

    A phobia is an irrational fear. Islamophobia would mean an irrational fear of Islam.

    After 9/11, the Boston marathon bombing, the jihad murders at the gay club in Orlando, the San Bernadino jihad murders, the Little Rock jihad murder of an Army recruiter by our own homegrown Tennessee jihadi Carlos Bledsoe, the Chattanooga jihad, the NYC bike path jihad, etc., and the on-going jihad in Europe and places far flung over the globe, how can they say we have an irrational fear and keep a straight face? The fear of Islam is based on facts and reason. Everyday we see and hear about Islamic rape, violence, theft and murder of non-Muslims.

    Islamophobia is a misnomer, thought up by the Muslim Brotherhood to lay a guilt trip on Kafirs (the slur they call non-Muslims). It is used extensively by the progressives/leftists as an Alinsky name-calling Rules for Radicals technique to shame us and keep us from publicly commenting on Islamic doctrine/sharia law which includes polygamy, sacred wife beating, sacred lying, misogyny, death for apostasy and other barbaric tribal concepts.

    I do agree with Mohyuddin that everyone needs knowledge about Islam, not only the Meccan Islam that she and her dawa sister Dina Sirois tout but also the Medinan Islam of jihad, violence, murder and conquest. Read about Mohammed, read what he said and did, since over and over again in the Koran, allah says to imitate him and make him a pattern for living. It’s all on the internet.