Roy Moore Challenges Late Night Host Jimmy Kimmel to Face Him and Alabamans ‘Man to Man’ After Interrupting Church Services


Anti-Christian, progressive chauvinist Jimmy Kimmel sunk to a new low Wednesday night as he sent his stringer, toadie ‘comedian’ Rich Barbieri (a/k/a Jake Byrd) into an Alabama church to interrupt a worship service where US Senate candidate Roy Moore was speaking.

But Roy Moore and his team won’t be letting Kimmel and company’s insults slide this time.

“Jimmy Kimmel and the ‘Hollywood elite’ cross the line when they invade our Churches under a disguise and attempt to make a mockery of our worship services,” Drew Messer, a senior adviser to Moore, told Breitbart News on Thursday morning after the incident at the church on Wednesday night.

“If Kimmel wants to mock our Christian values, he should come down here and do it man to man instead of hiding behind a camera in Hollywood,” Messer said. “And yes, Jimmy, we will still rebuild our military, build the wall, protect our gun rights, reform our tax code, and support President Trump whether you like that or not. Hollywood will not bully us around.”

Senior Moore adviser Brett Doster agreed, saying in a separate email to Breitbart News:

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel sent one of his goons to disrupt an Alabama worship service as a comedy prop. For years, Kimmel hosted a show that exploited women and encouraged sexual impropriety. He and the rest of the entertainment industry look down their noses at our evangelical values while using their own pulpit to encourage the very behavior purveyed by monsters like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey.

After the pastor of Theodore, Alabama’s Magnolia Springs Baptist Church, where Moore would be speaking, warned worshipers it was against the law in Alabama to disrupt worship services, Kimmel regular Barbieri interrupted the worship service during Moore’s speech.

Breitbart News was there covering the event, and caught the altercation in its entirety:

“It may seem odd, after having served the public and the state of Alabama for 40 years and my military service in the Army, going back beyond at West Point, never once has anyone ever stated anything like what we’ve heard in the last three and a half weeks,” Moore said.

At that point, a leftist protester who infiltrated the church started shouting at Moore. “But the whole town says you did it!” the man yelled. “The entire town? All the girls are lying?”

The man was shouted down by the entire church and then escorted out by police officers on site.

“Get on out of here!” another man yelled at the lone unruly protester as police escorted the disrupter out. “You ought to be ashamed. You’re in a Church. You ought to be ashamed to even be from here! Get on out of here!”

Then, the church’s pastor retook the microphone for a moment before handing it back to Moore. “I must remind everyone present this is a worship service,” the pastor said. “And by the way it is illegal to disturb a worship service.”

The crowd cheered. “The next one who disturbs the service will be turned over to the police,” the pastor added to resounding cheers. “As the pastor of this church, I’m saying we’re going to do things peacefully and in order. If you love Roy Moore or you hate Roy Moore, listen.”

Video of the exchange was quickly tweeted out by reporter Ben Raines:

Soonafter Raines’ piece was published, Jimmy Kimmel flouted it:

It remains to be seen whether or not Kimmel will respond or even recognize in any kind of material way his abhorrent behavior. If the past is any indication, hopes are certainly dim. Sad!


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  1. Missourian

    Kimmel & Jake Byrd are low. They’re hypocrites. They don’t win anyone over, that’s for sure.

  2. Dwayne

    Dimmercrap puke.