Nashville Scene Makes Big Staff Reductions

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The left-leaning alternative newsweekly Nashville Scene announced significant staff cuts Thursday.

Top editor Steve Cavendish and arts editor Laura Hutson were among 25 percent of editorial staff losing positions. Alternative weeklies across the country are struggling, reported the Nashville Business Journal.

The Nashville Scene is owned by SouthComm, a Nashville-based media company that owns a variety of alternative newspapers and other news sources across the U.S. Locally, SouthComm also owns the Nashville Post and Nfocus, which have also been affected by the cuts.

“SouthComm is in the midst of a changing of a guard, at all levels of the organization,” said CFO Bob Mahoney. “This announcement is neither the first nor will it be the last.”

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2 Thoughts to “Nashville Scene Makes Big Staff Reductions”

  1. Brian

    Left leaning? Is that a joke?

    The SouthCommunists got what they wanted. No competition and Moron Barry as Mayor.

    Their publication is the real joke. Their is no diversity of anything. All writer are hard left, spoiled rotten white millenials or aging white hipster doofuses.

    The writing is awful what little of it there is. Here’s a cussword. Ooo, so edgy. The entire periodical is 75% advertisements. Mainly for top 1% consumers while the writers lament those lumpenproles who haven’t joined AntiFA yet.

    Maybe articles about “how the type of fried chicken you eat proves you’re a racist” is what really packs them in these days.

    Or, you are getting a real life example of how competition makes publications better and lack of it produces a lazy, complacent foodie rag.

  2. Randall

    I would hate to see the Scene fold. It’s great for sopping up overflow in the men’s room.