Judson Phillips Commentary: Why Doesn’t the Tennessee Republican Party Expel Bob Corker?

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Well, he isn’t the worst.

Tennessee can take some small consolation in the fact that this state does not have the worst United States Senator. Only, one of the worst.

In thirteen long months, the state and the nation’s long national nightmare will be over as “Bailout” Bob Corker will finally leave the Senate.

Corker is known as “Bailout Bob,” or sometimes the “Senator from Obama,” for his willingness to help Barack Obama and the Democrats. For those who need a trip down memory lane, remember it was Corker who single handedly revived Dodd-Frank from death in the Senate and led the bill until it was signed by Obama. He also spearheaded the circumvention of the Constitution to allow Obama’s Iran nuclear deal to be approved.

Corker was all but begging President Trump to make him Secretary of State after the President was elected. The President had the good sense to ignore the junior Senator. But that slight has sent Corker off. Perhaps as early as January, Corker knew he could not win reelection in this state and was looking for an honorable way out.

Since President Trump did not give him that, he has been at war with the President. Just a few days ago, he was the only Republican Senator to vote against the President’s Tax bill.

Both President Trump and Corker have won state wide races in Tennessee. The difference is, President Trump is still popular in Tennessee and will win again if he runs. Corker is not popular, would not win and won’t run again.

This leads to the ultimate question of the day.

Why doesn’t the Tennessee Republican Party expel Bob Corker?

That really leads to another troubling question. What does the Tennessee Republican Party stand for today? Does it stand for anything?

Republican candidates are quick to tell us how conservative they are. They want to let us know they support cutting taxes, reducing spending and reducing the size of government. Many of these same Republicans in the Tennessee General Assembly voted to give us a massive tax hike earlier this year. Fifteen years ago, many of these same Republicans tried to give us a state income tax.

Not being conservative is clearly not a reason to expel someone from the Republican Party. What is? Attacking the Republican President? Openly fighting against his agenda? The establishment is always telling conservatives we cannot fight against Republicans when they are off doing something stupid, like raising taxes. So why isn’t this a two-way street.

If Corker wants to make war on the Republican President, when are the Republicans going to make war on him?

Expelling Corker from the Republican Party will have no significant impact. It is hard to see Bailout Bob suddenly becoming a Democrat. Even if he did, assuming Roy Moore wins the Alabama Senate race, which is a pretty good assumption, the Republicans do not lose control of the Senate.

In 2002, in the middle of liberal Republican Governor Don Sunquist’s attempt to force a state income tax on Tennessee, the Williamson County Republican Party took Sundquist’s portrait and turned it around to face the wall. It was a small, symbolic action that got a little bit of press coverage.

No county Republican Party in Tennessee has stood up against the current tax raising, liberal governor. Will the state GOP or even some of the county Republican Parties demand any sanctions against the Senator from Obama who is now making war on the Republican President?

No one is holding their breath.




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5 Thoughts to “Judson Phillips Commentary: Why Doesn’t the Tennessee Republican Party Expel Bob Corker?”

  1. Jim Forsythe

    Corker should have been thrown out of the party long ago. He and is friends are worse than RINO’s – They qualified to be liberal democrats with no loyalty to anyone but themselves.

  2. 83ragtop50

    Bob Corker is the second worst senator from Tennessee. Alexander has done more damage over the long haul. It is time to start planning for his ouster when he FINALLY comes up for re-election again. I agree that much of the state GOP politicians behave more like Democrats. Take Governor Haslam for example. That is why it has been said that Tennessee is a very red state that is governed as it was blue. It is time to drain the Nashville swamp.

  3. Sim

    The only thing worse than being a “Democrat supporter” is being a “Globalist Supporter”,

    Which Corker is.

    He is the “Chairman” of the “Foreign Relations Committee” which was setup by the Globalist to manage/direct Government affairs behind the scene.

    He hasn’t just sold out Tennessee, he has sold out the whole USA.

    Don’t call him a Democrat, call him a “Traitor”, because that is what he is.

  4. Sherrie Orange

    Those voting for the so called Improve Gas tax ought to be expelled as well. They tell us when running for office how they are conservative on issues such as less spending,less taxes, stand strong on morals and principles. Many got in office and left all their cheap rhetoric at the capitol door. They simply did not keep their word and some had a direct conflict of interest in this piece of legislation. Imagine that. As for expelling anyone, as head of TN GOP, only Robin Smith ever did that. She had real courage and conviction.

  5. Stephen Lowe

    Why doesn’t the Governor and Conservative members of the Legislature, who are all constituents of Corker, speak up as to his misbehavior? Do they still agree with him?