Enhanced Vetting By Trump Administration Brings Sharp Decline in Refugee Admissions

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President Donald Trump has radically changed the U.S. refugee program, as a lower admissions cap and tighter vetting procedures have led to a sharp decline in both the number of people admitted and the share of Muslims in the refugee population. The Trump administration restarted refugee admissions in late October after the end of a 120-day…

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2 Thoughts to “Enhanced Vetting By Trump Administration Brings Sharp Decline in Refugee Admissions”

  1. lb

    When there are burkas being worn in the middle of Nashville (West End) in the Summer at the local veggie stand, we have reached PEAK refugee influx. And that happened last Summer–full burka, face veil and all in 95+ temp
    When the same day, a young woman and man are sitting outside the Starbucks, he in shorts, t-shirt, sandals and she is headscarf, all black, long sleeved shirt with long pants and SOCKs in same weather,. We have reached PEAK “refugee”–

  2. 83ragtop50

    At least we are finally moving in the right direction. I am in favor of ending all refugee and legal immigration until better controls can be implemented. Controls that include ending anchor babies, chain immigration, ending the visa lottery and selecting those allowed to immigrate by virtue of how they can bring value to America. No more freeloaders.