State House Candidate Menda Holmes Reveals A Personal Story That Helped Shape Her Character

Menda Holmes is candidate for the State House 46th District, a seat currently held by Mark Pody who is running for the 17th District Senate seat most recently held by gubernatorial candidate Mae Beavers. During her speech made to the monthly Wilson County GOP meeting in November, Menda told a personal story that “shaped my character, shaped who I am and shaped my fighting spirit.”

In 1978, an accomplished horseback rider at the age of 19, Menda was on the back of a motorcycle when a car crashed into the bike and crushed her leg. A night of surgery and a month later, the recovery was not going well. With “no other good choices,” the medical professionals recommended that Menda’s left leg be amputated below the knee, and she agreed.

It was at that point, Menda reflected, “I could have given up, but right then and there I said, I’m not quitting, I’m a fighter.”

After being fitted with a prosthesis, Menda beat the typical two month timeframe and shed her crutches in just two weeks. The next year, she went on to compete with her horse, placing better than they ever had in the past. Later came modeling, snow skiing and a bachelor’s degree from Trevecca Nazarene University.

Still sometimes dealing with the physical effects of the accident, Menda emphasized, “I still refuse to give up. I overcome and keep moving.”

It is that “overcoming mindset” that Menda says she wants to “take to the Capitol” to be the “Champion” for the 46th District to “help overcome the challenges we face as Tennesseans.”

Menda describes herself as ordinary, Christian, and conservative who is 100 percent pro-life, pro second amendment and a strong supporter of the tenth amendment who is focused on the issues of jobs, health care, religious freedom and education.

Her work on conservative principles includes chairing the Wilson County Tea Party for four years, serving on the board of the Wilson County Republican Party and working for State Representative Mark Pody for two sessions, which Menda says, makes her “well aware of the big issues facing our state and district.”

Standing now for “the biblical values and constitutional principle that make Tennessee great” and committing to stand for them if elected, Menda has adopted the campaign theme “Keeping the Promise.”

The entire speech can be viewed on the candidate’s Facebook page, Menda Holmes for District 46.

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3 Thoughts to “State House Candidate Menda Holmes Reveals A Personal Story That Helped Shape Her Character”

  1. Sherrie Orange

    Awesome story! By being active in Rep. Mark Pody’s legislator’s office, and is a proven conservative, Menda will make a fine representative for the 46th District. She also comes from a good hard working conservative family as well. She has so much going for her. Her district will certainly benefit in numerous ways.

  2. Austin

    Wonderful story of courage and Menda Holmes sounds like a great candidate.
    Also the story was well written.

  3. Menda will be a superb choice to represent Tennesseeans in the General Assembly! Nice article Laura, thanks for sharing!