Susan Gingrich Commentary: My Wish for the New Year – End the War on Men!


by Susan E Gingrich


I’m starting this commentary with a confession. I’ve always liked men, and I still like them a lot. My husband is the best man I know. I like compliments from men, doors opened for me, harmless hugs, and other things some women don’t. Throughout my professional career, it was my male bosses who encouraged and promoted me, appreciating my independence, intelligence and abilities. The only problem bosses I ever had were women who felt threatened by those same qualities. I feel no sisterhood with women because we share a common body part, preferring to select those women I feel friendship with akin to sisterhood. My wish for 2018 is that all women participating in it, End the War on Men!

Didn’t many of the same women involved in the current conflict fight for women’s liberation years ago? You wanted to be equal to men, you burned your bras, boldly demanded equal pay, and many of you abandoned any ladylike behavior. You use profanity as well as any man, can compete well in drinking contests, and by golly, are you sexually liberated. You truly have come a long way baby thanks in large part to other men and women in business and society recognizing the legitimate need for change. Why now is there so much attention to past behavior of men? Of course, I know why, but play along with me.

Women have been mistreated by some men since the beginning of time. Real crimes are committed against women who are the genuine victims. They need the support and protection available from law enforcement, the legal system, friends and family and society as a whole. I’m not talking about these real victims, although I do feel they and their needs are marginalized by women piling on the “Me Too” confessions. As a woman of age, I’ve had male improper behavior directed to me, some pretty despicable, but all a long time ago. I do admit that I was young and foolish ending up in a place or two I shouldn’t have been and quite ignorant of the effect alcohol can have on some men. But instead of “Me Too” I say “So What”? I am a stronger, more confident, and successful woman now because of all that happened in my past, good and bad. As a born again Christian, I’ve also forgiven anyone I felt slighted me, including those men and even the Queen Bee bosses. Maybe some of you claiming to be Christians should try it too-it can be quite liberating.

Of course, the goal of this timely war on men is to drive President Trump from office. As a member of their sex, women involved in this effort especially disgust me. Is there anything more sleazy than women incentivizing other women by tempting them with money and fame? Encouraging them to tell stories about men, many of them ancient history without any credible or legal evidence? Honestly, how many people would make up stories to have their mortgage paid, a boatload of money, or 15 minutes of fame? Fake news happens all the time. Society today is greatly lacking in character, decency, and godliness, as are many of the lawyers making money from sexual allegations. Please “Me Too” women, if it happened and you are still emotionally scarred by looks from a man, your perceived interpretation of a man’s words, or behavior which didn’t physically harm you, get some counseling and move on with your life. Dwelling in the past is not healthy or constructive.

I have a special disdain for those political opportunist women in Congress using this issue for their own advantage or selfishly to promote the sisterhood of electing more far left leaning women to Congress. By your actions, you yourselves are using sexual bullying behavior against men. Most of you are democrats, but republican women are also using this issue for political points. I highly suspect you all have advanced to your powerful positions because of support from men. You could not have done it on your own or only with support from other women. You are all hypocrites who took much and now dish out your venom towards men. Diane Black, running for Governor of Tennessee, with her recent “Me Too” confession contributed to the current Trump pile on. She is known to her supporters and detractors for many things-being a shrinking violet is not one of them. Neither are the women in Congress and across the country leading the accusations and allegations against our president. They remind me more of a prickly cactus.

How could any of you, especially Diane Black with her budget and financial leadership responsibilities, not be aware of federal taxpayer money being used to hush victims of inappropriate sexual behavior? Worse yet, since you all seem to have experienced similar things in the past and you are so knowledgeable about it, how could you not have noticed the sexual misbehavior occurring right in front of your noses? Didn’t you care, or did you just ignore it to get along? I’m glad corrective action is being taken by congressional male and female members to stop this improper use of taxpayer dollars and to change internal practices. I do however wonder if this political expediency isn’t partly motivated by house members and many senators running for reelection. Also, because those running for new state or federal offices, such as governor or senator, crave attention just like all politicians.

Alright feminists, enough with your disingenuous efforts to hurt President Trump and return society to the Victorian era when women were frail and so at the mercy of men. More Victorian like morality in society would be refreshing, as well as renewed expectations of personal responsibility. No Virginia, we are not all victims. Thanks to the disastrous Obama administration’s eight years, also involving the too timid, politically correct republicans in Congress, President Trump inherited many serious problems including national insecurity, the opioid crisis, North Korea, mucho debt, the health care crisis, welfare fraud and abuse, illegal immigration, infrastructure needs and so many more. Let’s stop the war on men and address these legitimate, important problems that women and men can solve together. May my wish for the new year come true, and may 2018 be an even greater year for America!

– – –

Susan E Gingrich is a freelance writer and political activist residing in Loudon, TN.  She is the sister of former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Newt Gingrich, and an occasional contributor to The Tennessee Star.




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