Joe Carr Doubles-Down with a Scathing ‘Shame On You, Shane’ Radio Ad


Former State Rep. Joe Carr (R-Lascassas) released a scathing radio ad in response to the recent attacks from rival Republican, Murfreesboro businessman Shane Reeves. The two men are vying for the Republican nomination in the January 25 special primary election for the 14th State Senate District to replace former State Senator Jim Tracy (R-Shelbyville), who resigned in November to accept a position with the Trump administration in the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The one-minute advertisement is different than the other ads we’ve seen in the course of this special election, in that it is focused solely on criticizing Reeves for ‘mudslinging,’ and how his behavior seems to contradict his electioneering persona as non-politician and man of faith.

The sharp-tongued script is delivered dry–meaning there is no music or audio effects of any kind–and, apart from the campaign finance disclaimer at the beginning, the lone voice is that of a single, clearly irritated woman.



Shane Reeves seemed like such a nice young man, then I started getting his postcards attacking Joe Carr.

Shane Reeves says he isn’t a politician, but you can’t get much more “politician” than slinging mud just to win a political campaign.

I expected better of him – especially since I know his family. But now I know him, and that what he says about himself really isn’t true.

The fact that he claims to such a man of faith, and even highlights faith on his campaign website makes it even worse, since he’s willing to say or do anything just to get elected.

I hope you’ll call politician Shane Reeves’ campaign at 615-900-0351 – that’s 615-900-0351 – and tell Shane Reeves to stop his mudslinging, personal attacks against Joe Carr.

 It’s just not right. And keep your mudslinging-mail out of my mailbox.

Shame on you, Shane.

Carr and Reeves have spent much of the week exchanging political blows. On Wednesday the two mixed it up over “per diem” expenses, and on Thursday they sparred over gun rights, the National Rifle Association, and the Tennessee Firearms Association.

Early voting for the special primary election is currently underway, and primary election day is later this month on January 25th.

The winner of the Republican primary will face off against Democrat Gayle Jordan, who is unopposed in the Democratic primary, in the special general election on March 13.


Editors Note: Both the Shane Reeves for State Senate Campaign and the Joe Carr for State Senate Campaign are Tennessee Star advertisers.

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