Report: Donald Trump Asks Senators Why US Should Accept Immigrants From ‘S***hole’ Countries

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WASHINGTON — As he rejected a bipartisan compromise Thursday to resolve the standoff over so-called Dreamers, President Donald Trump asked participants in an Oval Office meeting why the U.S. should accept immigrants from “shithole countries” in Africa, according to two people briefed on the meeting. “What do we want Haitians here for?” the president asked, according to two people who were at the meeting.

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4 Thoughts to “Report: Donald Trump Asks Senators Why US Should Accept Immigrants From ‘S***hole’ Countries”

  1. Randall

    Trump SAID what every politician is THINKING. He just had the guts to say it.

  2. Kevin

    Yup, spot on! Call them what you want, IF the countries these people are coming from were great, why would people leave? I suspect that ALL of these countries are beautiful (in their own right), have basic natural resources and are generally inhabitable by humans. So what are they missing? People willing to “do the work” to establish a civil government which protects their God given rights! Heck, they don’t even have to invent it, all they have to do is copy something invented in 1776!

    The US should only allow immigrants who can take care of themselves AND add to the overall quality of America. DJ Trump making America GREAT again!

  3. Austin

    Well? Why should we?
    If they can’t or won’t improve conditions in their own countries, how can we expect them to improve conditions in ours?
    Just more drainage of our tax money.

  4. 83ragtop50

    Bad choice of words but spot on. I thought those in The House and Senate were sent there to represent Americans. Boy, was I ever mistaken.