Commentary: What Trump Is Doing Right – and What the ‘Experts’ Don’t Understand

President Donald Trump just doesn’t make sense to those who are prisoners of the conventional political wisdom that has prevailed in the nation’s capital for many decades. He tweets. He says odd things. He speaks his mind, sometimes to the detriment of his day’s messaging goals. He sounds a lot like a few of the nation’s…

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2 Thoughts to “Commentary: What Trump Is Doing Right – and What the ‘Experts’ Don’t Understand”

  1. Carole A Garland

    What a refreshing read on the last year’s events and our constantly maligned President who struggles to bring the U.S.A. back from the destructive intentions of Globalists. I agree wholeheartedly that the constant whining and attempts to destroy President Trump are just distractions from the fear they have that He, President Trump will next uncover and destroy the corruption that so many have been entrenched in for years.
    I will vote for him again in 2020 ! Lord give us patience to get thru the constant drama while He “cleans up” our awesome country !!

  2. Jim Forsythe

    This was an excellent commentary on Donald Trump. The elites do not understand what Americans think. This means that we will most likely have eight years of a Donald Trump presidency, with a similar candidate replacing him when his eight year are up. Americans appearing to be waking up!.