SuperPAC Radio Ad Targeting Diane Black Hits Tennessee Airwaves

Those who have been wondering when the attack ads in the statewide race for governor will begin need wait no longer.

A SuperPAC,, began airing a new radio spot hitting Diane Black today on several radio stations across the state. The ad features a man and woman talking about “Dishonest Diane” directing state contracts to her husband’s company while flushing money down the toilet — to keep Diane Black from getting her hands on it.

The ad is tagged to Tennessee Jobs Now PAC, based in Nashville, according to their website.

Audio of the ad can be heard here:

The ad transcript reads (with flushing sound effects throughout):

WIFE: “Hey, what are you doing?”

HUSBAND: “Flushing our money down the toilet.”

WIFE: “I can see that. But why?”

HUSBAND: “Dishonest Diane Black is running for governor. I’d rather flush our money down the toilet than let her get her hands on it.”

WIFE: “Ok cut it out. Explain please.”

HUSBAND: “Well, a judge ruled while she was in the Tennessee State Senate, Diane Black steered millions of dollars in no bid, state contracts to her husband’s company.”

WIFE: “So basically she gave taxpayer money to herself.”


WIFE: “Ugh. Your toilet idea doesn’t seem so bad now.”

HUSBAND: “Yep. Rather than cleaning up the swamp in DC, Congresswoman Diane Black is part of it. She’s received over three million dollars from special interests in DC.”

WIFE: “What a hypocrite. We can’t afford dishonest Diane Black.”

ANNOUNCER: “Tennessee Jobs Now PAC paid for and is responsible for the content of this advertising. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.”

The political attack season is now upon us, and is likely to accelerate in frequency and intensity for the next eight months until the primary election, and then an additional three months until the general election.

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16 Thoughts to “SuperPAC Radio Ad Targeting Diane Black Hits Tennessee Airwaves”

  1. Dave

    Horrible ad, TNforJobs, should have to post those who are paying for it. Seems people don’t know Black is running for governor and Blackburn is running for Senate.

    1. Dave

      Correction: TNJobsNow.

    2. Cindy

      TNJobsnow(dot)com is a website set up by New Hampshire James McKay, owner of Norway Hill Associates, a for profit organization that, in the past, had David Carney as CEO. Here’s a link to a complaint by New Hampshire Democratic Chairwoman in 2004.
      I’m not sure who they’re trying to get elected with this ad, but Carney has pushed in the past for certain Republican candidates.
      Although I do not support Diane Black we, as citizens, need to stay vigilant in questioning who is behind these ads.

  2. Sherr

    Gee, good thing Haslam/Pilot Oil didn’t profit from the increased gasoline tax, right? Vote for Marsha Blackburn and rest easy Tennessee.

    1. Dave

      Taxes go to the government, not the businesses collecting them.

  3. Harry J. Titshaw Jr.

    “A judge says”. What Judge. Black benefited 3 million while in office? How. What did she do to influence any contract award? Every office holder gets paid for the job. How long has husbands company been doing business with the State? How is that any reflection on Diane Black? Hippocracy? Suspect your ad is the poster child for it. If anything is real or true here, publicize it. Otherwise this smells like the typically liberal attack ad aimed at extremely low information voters. Put up or shut up.

    1. Edith

      Horrible, tacky, potty-mouth, sickening ad… Presented by people of the same description…. Who in world would want to align with such bottom feeders?

  4. Stephen Dwyer

    Which Judge said Diane Black’s husband profited while she was in the State legislature. Identify it or shut up. Also all state contracts are competitive bids. All businesses have a right to bid. Put those facts in your aid or again shut up and pull the aid. This sounds like just another political hit piece.

  5. Mark Robinson

    If Diane Black wins it will be because of hate-targeting like this. People (me) are sick of these slimy attack ads.

  6. Donna Locke

    Diane Black will be governor, and Marsha Blackburn will be a senator.

    1. Yes and neither of those is good for Tennessee.

  7. lb

    Mae Beavers is my choice but she needs to start getting out there making a higher profile and going straight at Black. Mae better start fighting hard every day and stepping up her profile or we are going to wind up with Gov Black

  8. Kevin

    A pretty good opening salvo. Is it factual? Is it on point? How will Rep. Black respond, counter attack or play the “victim” card? I’m pretty sure we’ll find out shortly. Let the games begin.

    Meanwhile, the question in my mind, will Tenneseans take the bait and be distracted by all the political chaff or will they continue “draining the swamp”? Rep. Black has been deceiving her constituents for years. Why give her the promotion she seeks? We can do better! We deserve better!

  9. 83ragtop50

    I am not a fan of Congressman Black who is my Representative, but this type of advertising makes me want to defend her – or anyone else attacked in such a manner. Id for anything or is it just wanting to attacked GOP candidates? Who is behind

  10. Lee

    Good grief who thought up that ad? Absolutely dumbest sounding ad ever. 😜

  11. Candice

    Vote for Marsha 🇺🇸 Do turn off the TV and radio and read Wikileaks and Listen to Hannity 🇺🇸