Conservative Activist Susan Gingrich Endorses Mae Beavers for Governor

Susan with Beavers

Mae Beavers’ campaign announced Thursday at a rally in Lenoir City that long-time conservative activist Susan Gingrich endorsed the former State Senator from Mt. Juliet in her bid to win the Republican nomination for governor in Tennessee.

The campaign released this statement about the endorsement:

Newt Gingrich’s sister, Tennessee resident Susan Gingrich, strongly endorsed Mae Beavers for Governor today. A rally and special announcement event were held in Lenoir City with candidate for Governor Mae Beavers and supporters from east TN in attendance. Gubernatorial Candidate Beavers said, “I’m greatly honored with this endorsement since Susan took great effort and time to research each candidate, recognizing my support for conservative ideals, President Trump’s agenda, and noting the history of the proven, conservative credentials from my time as a Representative and Senator for our great state.”

Susan Gingrich spoke eloquently about the citizens of TN, why she and her husband chose our state in which to live, and why Mae Beavers is the only candidate for Governor voters should support. Susan Gingrich noted that Mae Beavers and Newt Gingrich were one of the first few to see great potential in Donald J. Trump for President, and Gingrich stated, “With your help and God’s blessing, Mae Beavers will be TN’s next Governor. As a Tennessean, conservative political activist, and as Newt’s sister, today, I formally endorse Mae Beavers for Governor and join her campaign staff!”

Susan Gingrich encouraged others, “Join me, volunteer, and become one of Mae’s millions needed to make her campaign the largest TN grassroots campaigns ever.”

Mae Beavers noted that the younger sister of Newt Gingrich brings the same commitment to conservative issues and values that are the hallmark of her brother, and with just as much fire and passion for our country and its future. Beavers said, “Susan and I have become great friends. I look forward to working with her, and for more of my fellow Tennesseans getting to know her as well. Her knowledge, experience and devotion to this state and nation will be a tremendous asset to this campaign!”

Today’s event was held at The Barn at Country Kinfolk Farms in Lenoir City. Wayne Schnell, retired Air Force pilot, led the Pledge of Allegiance and pastor Chris Edmonds led the prayer for the event. Vivian Slaughter sang the National Anthem prior to candidate for State Senate, Scott P. Williams’ call for the need and support of a conservative candidate for Tennessee’s Governor and introduction of Susan Gingrich.

Nicknamed the “Iron Lady” of Tennessee, Beavers is beloved by many in the conservative grassroots movement across the state. Throughout her long career as an elected official, she has been a beacon of conservatism, first in Wilson County and then at Legislative Plaza.

Despite her stellar conservative record, however, she has a large ‘hill to climb.’ The latest Tennessee Star / Triton poll of Republican primary voters has Beavers in fifth place, behind Bill Lee, Beth Harwell, Randy Boyd, and Diane Black among the GOP contenders.

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2 Thoughts to “Conservative Activist Susan Gingrich Endorses Mae Beavers for Governor”

  1. Susan E Gingrich

    Of course, we all know how reliable polls are-just ask President Trump. The campaign is energized and on the move. Every place people who don’t know Mae and her total conservative record hear her speak, she gains supporters, volunteers, donations and converts who thought they were supporting another candidates. It isn’t easy being a genuine conservative running for TN office, especially for Governor. Many negative forces, including the GOP establishment and biased media must be overcome. Conservatives like Mae win by trying harder.

  2. Bob Miles

    I don’t believe this poll and others actually reflects where Mae stands with the voters of Tennessee. Mae is doing something that is not done by those poll leaders. She is going all over Tennessee just about every day talking to groups of people from small to large, and rural to urban areas. Her campaign is different because she is different from the others.