Rep. Diane Black: Economic Optimism Is Back

Representative Diane Black (R-TN-06) joined Charles Payne on Wednesday’s Fox News broadcast of ‘Cavuto Coast to Coast’ to discuss the possibility of a government shutdown, the inevitable blaming of Republicans by the mainstream media for it, and also the breaking news of Apple, Inc.’s decision to invest $350 billion in the United States which they say will create 20,000 new jobs.

Payne opened the interview, asking, “Are the Republicans in danger of going into or cutting a deal that they don’t want because of PR pressure?”

“We’re going to come out of this just fine,” Black answered. “There are always negotiations, as you know, Charles. Here in Congress we wait until the last minute which I don’t always agree with, but that’s where we are on this continuing resolution. In my opinion, we’re going to get a deal. We cannot, at this point in time, disrupt what you’ve already indicated, which is that the stock market is doing well.”

Pivoting to the substance of the continuing resolution that the Democrats are balking at over the DACA non citizens, Black said, “We also need to fund our military, and this is very, very important that we don’t disrupt that. Right now, we have a military that’s suffering from not being fully funded. This is important that we show the American people that we can do our job, that we can govern, and we can move forward.”

“I’ve got breaking news I want to share and get your opinion on this, as well,” Payne said, clearly listening to his earpiece.

“We’ve got breaking news coming in – more good news from tax reform. Apple now anticipated that it will pump $350 billion dollars into the economy, thanks to repatriation,” he said, adding, “By the way, expected to add 20,000 new workers.”

Turning to Black for her reaction to the news, Payne said, “Congressman, I mean, with that kind of wind in your sales with the Republican tax plan hitting America in a way that’s an ‘Economic Prosperity Bomb’ – you certainly have a lot of strength going into these final days of negotiations, don’t you?”

“I believe we cannot stop this wind,” she said. “We’ve talked about this in the last three years that we have been working on this tax reform bill, ‘If we could only get there, we would really actually see the results,’ – and we’re seeing those now!

“As you’ve already said, we have the wind at our back, but it’s more important that it’s the American people that benefit by this. It’s the wages that go up, the decrease in their burden on how many taxes they’re paying. And we see something that is happening that hasn’t happened in years in this country and that is optimism. (emphasis added)

“We don’t need a government shutdown where we reverse that optimism and go into a pessimistic mode.”

Until recently, Representative Diane Black chaired the House Budget Committee, and has been repeatedly praised by President Trump for her worked to put together and pass the once-in-a-lifetime tax reform package widely acknowledged as the spark that some analysts predict could result in a 4 percent GDP growth in 2018.

Black resigned her leadership position in order to focus on her run for Governor. According the to latest Tennessee Star / Trition poll, Black is currently ten points ahead of Randy Boyd, her closest competitor for the GOP nomination as the state’s top executive.

Watch the clip:



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