Rep. Diane Black Pushes Back on Glamour Magazine’s Lauding of ‘Glorious’ Re-Edit of Word War II Film, ‘Saving Private Ryan’

When Glamour Magazine proudly tweeted a link to an article featuring a “feminist” re-edit of the landmark film, ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ Representative Diane Black, whose father fought in World War II, shot back:

Released in 1998, the Steven Spielberg movie, with its harrowing opening scene of the invasion of Normady, is widely considered to be the most realistic depiction of the horror and sacrifice the coalition of soldiers led by Americans suffered through and ultimately surmounted.

Tennessee Star
Photo taken June 6, 1944 from inside one of the seaborne personnel carriers

The hard-won beachhead gained on the beaches of Normandy was arguably the turning point that would eventually lead to the defeat of the Nazis.

Twenty years after the film’s release, any modicum of recognizing the immensity of the Normandy invasion has been pushed aside to make room for this latest demonstration of political correctness by Glamour Magazine’s “internet hero,” Logan Smith, who re-edited the film to remove all the men.

Glamour wrote of the effort:

“In response to the MRA douche who edited all the women out of #TheLastJedi,” [Smith] wrote, “I decided to edit all of the men out of Saving Private Ryan. Here it is in its entirety.”

The result is 2 minutes and 20 seconds of abandoned roads, graveyards, women looking out the window, the American flag undulating forlornly in the wind, and raindrops. For some perspective, the original cut of Saving Private Ryan is 2 hours and 49 minutes long. To be fair, it’s not like women don’t speak at all in those 2 hours and 49 minutes. It’s just that they speak only when there’s a man present. As Smith explained, “I think there was one or two scenes where a woman said something but there was also a man in the shot so I had to cut it.”

The new cut of Saving Private Ryan has since achieved viral acclaim, and Smith quickly followed up his breakout debut with a solid sophomore effort, a manfree edit of The Shawshank Redemption. This one is even leaner and slicker than the last, capping in at a minute and a half of run time. Beautiful.

 Interestingly, Glamour magazine’s Twitter following has largely eschewed the PC-laden post. Even with over 2 million followers, the tweet earned only 41 retweets and and even more paltry 17 likes (as of this writing).

Those who did take the time to reply to the tweet were largely negative:




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