Veterans Group Denied Super Bowl Ad Time Accuses NFL of Censorship

A decision by the National Football League to deny a veterans group TV ad time during this year’s Super Bowl has the vets group claiming liberal bias on behalf of the league.

The ad by AMVETS, “a non-partisan, volunteer-led organization” consisting of mostly World War II veterans according to the group’s website, portrayed images of veterans saluting the American flag alongside the hashtag #PleaseStand.

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One Thought to “Veterans Group Denied Super Bowl Ad Time Accuses NFL of Censorship”

  1. Austin

    The NFL has turned down the AMVETS for a Super Bowl program page that says regarding the National Anthem, “PLEASE STAND”.
    The NFL says that they don’t want any political references.
    “Please Stand” for the National Anthem is political?!
    I hope those that watch the Super Bowl enjoy being un-American and not caring about the sacrifices made for this country!