Does State Of The Union Address Indicate Bad News For Nashville Transit Funding?

President Donald Trump is expected to announce in tonight’s State of the Union address $200 billion in federal funding for infrastructure and other projects. But one PAC that opposes Nashville’s transit plan says that is not necessarily good news for Mayor Megan Barry.

Politico reports the president had promised a $1 trillion, 10-year blueprint to rebuild American roads, railroads, bridges and airports. State, local and private investors would have to cough up more money than normally would be the case under the president’s proposal.

“Instead of the grand, New Deal-style public works program that Trump’s eye-popping price tag implies, Democratic lawmakers and mayors fear the plan would set up a vicious, zero-sum scramble for a relatively meager amount of federal cash — while forcing cities and states to scrounge up more of their own money, bringing a surge of privately financed toll roads, and shredding regulations in the name of building projects faster,” Politico says.

The administration says $200 billion is not a large amount for such a plan but adds it would draw state, local and private funds. In addition to land transportation infrastructure, identified possible projects include rural broadband service, veterans hospitals and commercial spaceflight. The White House is not expected to give full details for two to four weeks, Politico reports.

NoTax4Tracks, a PAC that opposes the Let’s Move Nashville Transit Improvement Plan, points out in a press release that Barry calls for using $1.5 billion in federal funds to construct light rail and enhance bus service.

“Are we getting preachy on this?” the organization says in the press release. “We are. The city refuses to talk about how they will make up for not getting federal dollars. In fact, the city hates talking about any specific of the light rail plan.

“So, as we go into to the first day of this week and more public forums, it’s time to start asking the hard questions. How are you going to find $1.5-billion more and pay for it?

“How are you going to guarantee there will no be cost overruns? How do you justify bringing the highest sales tax in the country to Nashville when it hurts senior citizens and minorities the most? And, why did you not get any regional cooperation or funds from the state?”

The press release adds that anyone who wants a yard sign stating opposition to the transit plan should email [email protected] for more information.


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2 Thoughts to “Does State Of The Union Address Indicate Bad News For Nashville Transit Funding?”

  1. Kevin

    I would say that I’m appreciative of State and Local politicians for their concern about spending “their” money, and their willingness to spend Federal money, accept for the fact that all of that money came from us citizens!

    MMB’s “transit” plan is going to be a disaster! We are going to sink $9 billion dollars into a transit system in the 21st century, which is based on 19th century technology, right at the moment in time when the paradigm is shifting. BIG MISTAKE!!! “Mass” transit systems offered a fast replacement to foot and horse-based individual transit, but at the expense of fitting an individual’s needs. Post WW2, cars offered fast, individualized transportation options, but created a large demand on individual and governmental spending. Now in 2018, we are on the brink of the next big shift; fast, efficient, INDIVIDUALIZED and ON DEMAND transit options!

    Once we commit $9+ billion dollars to a trains intensive MASS transit system, we’re stuck with it for a long long time! imagine being forced to use only land line telephones in the cell phone age. No too smart!

  2. 83ragtop50

    To answer the question posed by this article’s headline. YES! Let’s hope that the state of the union address bad news for Berry’s insane transit plan. Likewise, the President’s push to spend money we do not have on an infrastructure boondoggle needs to be shouted down.