Mae Beavers Suspends Campaign for Governor

Former State Senator Mae Beavers (R-Mt. Juliet) announced via Facebook at 4 p.m. today that she is suspending her campaign for the Republican nomination for governor.

You can read her Facebook post here:

Mae Beavers suspends campaign for governor, January 30, 2018 Facebook post at 4 pm central

Beavers’ rival for the Republican nomination, Rep. Diane Black (R-TN-06) issued a statement praising her minutes later.

“While Mae and I don’t always agree on tactics, we have always agreed on philosophy, and I’ve always known her to be a dedicated conservative who fights for what she believes in,” Black said in a statement.

“From our time in the state legislature fighting to protect the unborn and to stop a state income tax, we know the conservative movement is stronger when we are fighting for the same cause together. I wish Mae the best and hope that she will continue to be active in the fight in Tennessee,” Black concluded.

Another GOP rival in the governor’s race, Williamson County businessman Bill Lee, praised Beavers in a tweet.

“I’ve enjoyed getting to know @MaeBeavers and Jerry on the campaign trail over the past year. I look forward to seeing her steadfast conservative leadership be put to work in other ways in Tennessee in the months and years ahead,” Lee tweeted.

Knoxville businessman Randy Boyd, another Republican candidate for governor, sent out this tweet:

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6 Thoughts to “Mae Beavers Suspends Campaign for Governor”

  1. Josh

    It’s an auction.

  2. Stuart I. Anderson

    Mae was my first choice for governor but she was up against some of the richest people in Tennessee and I’m sure she eventually found it was not doable.

    I’m never enthusiastic about someone like Lee with no political experience or record running for high political office when there are other choices. Between Black and Harwell I will favor the latter on grounds of style, intelligence, and I have reason to hope Beth is more conservative than she has been able to demonstrate as a representative from Davidson County but I’m afraid she doesn’t have enough money either. All of which fades to insignificance compared to my task as a conservative to do all I can to prevent La Raza Randy! from becoming the next governor of Tennessee. Lee, Harwell, Black whoever has the best chance of beating Randy! gets my vote because its ANYBODY BUT BOYD!

  3. Donna Locke

    Marsha, Diane, and Mae — the state legislators who steadfastly fought against driver’s licenses for illegal aliens when a number of their fellow Republicans voted for and passed it. These women stayed on it and kept trying to repeal it.

  4. John Bumpus

    I am very sad to learn that Mae Beavers is leaving the Tennessee gubernatorial race. Too bad! She was my choice for Governor. And she is an extraordinary person!

  5. Andrea

    Having been a Mae Beavers’ supporter, and knowing what Diane Black did to Lou Ann Zelenik, I would never trust Diane Black for anything. It makes me sad to read Black’s comments.

    1. Misty Partner

      What did Black do to Zelenik?