NewsChannel 5: ‘Nashville Mayor Admits Affair with Police Bodyguard’

Nashville’s NewsChannel 5 broke the story late Wednesday afternoon that Nashville Mayor Megan Barry has admitted to an extramarital affair with the former head of her security detail.

“[I]n an exclusive interview with NewsChannel 5 Investigates, Barry insisted that she has not misused taxpayer funds as part of the relationship with Metro Police Sergeant Rob Forrest, NewsChannel 5’s Phill Williams reported in a broadcast that aired at 4:49 pm on Wednesday:

Forrest unexpectedly retired Tuesday after 31 years with the Metro Nashville Police Department.

“I’m very embarrassed, and I’m deeply ashamed, and I’m very sorry,” Barry said. “The affair was between two middle-aged consenting adults, and it was a mistake to do this. And I am deeply sorry.”

She added, “I know God forgives, but the people of Nashville don’t have to — and I also want to ask for their forgiveness.”

The 54-year-old mayor said the relationship with the 58-year-old sergeant began shortly after her election in September 2015.


Questions have been raised about how much Forrest was paid for overtime while guarding the mayor, and whether or not he worked all those overtime hours.

A press conference is scheduled for 7 p.m.

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16 Thoughts to “NewsChannel 5: ‘Nashville Mayor Admits Affair with Police Bodyguard’”

  1. john

    Poor Guy..first is the Hair a loose wife

  2. James D Brown

    Her “bodyguard” made 135,000 in overtime in just the last 2 years. That is misuse of government funds.

  3. Andy

    If the tables had of been turn she would be claim sexual harassment in fear of loosing her job and he would be the scum bag 💼

  4. Donna Locke

    Mayor Barry can still do her job, even though I disagree with almost everything she is doing, but then I don’t live in Nashville. Barring financial impropriety, let it go.

    Hey, Brian, you rascal. I missed reading you.

  5. Brian McMurphy

    Is this double dipping or triple dipping?

    I’m losing count. Surely there are ethical and legal ramifications for the officer’s conduct.

    Lady, you ain’t no Whitney Houston. And he’s a married man too. I know that doesn’t mean anything to Democrats.

    Officer Friendly can’t just abscond with years worth of vacation trips to Paris and six figures in OT pay and then ride off into the sunset can he?

    Surely a former corporate business ethics and compliance officer like Megan Barry is aware of this serious breach of ethics and an appearance of impropriety.

    1. Brian McMurphy

      And I miss writing. Sometimes. But the only enemies left in Nashville are in government!

      I did put up a post about this though. The Scenesters got beat to the punch on this story and the sale of their own rag.

      They do Bruce Barry’s bidding and not a one has commented on this story or pursued an interview.

  6. Randall

    What ! And all I got in my METRO retiree check was an extra $28.11 a month. AND my health insurance went up!

  7. 83ragtop50

    Now that is a twist – the woman paying the man for his services. Of course I can understand why this would be necessary in her case. Pack it up and leave, Mayor Barry. You have absolutely no credibility.

  8. Eric

    I watched Dinglebarry’s statement about her affair. She didn’t show any remorse; no tears etc. She didn’t appear sad. She did her best Joan Rivers impersonation with her head constantly shaking up and down.

  9. eric

    Barry thinks she is so damn beautiful. She makes me sick.

  10. Brian McMurphy

    Congratulations on someone finally replacing Bill Boner as the most embarrassing politician the city has ever had. I guess The Nashville Scene can now rename their snarky annual guide for local political goofs and guffaws to the BoneHer Awards.

  11. Stuart I. Anderson

    I wonder if this will hurt her with the Democratic Party base?

  12. Bill E.

    Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to rebuild your husband’s trust than to build a transit system that’s in debate at the moment? What are you willing to sacrifice for him? Maybe pride keeps you from resigning but if you can truly govern the city’s responsibilities amidst all that’s just happened, then maybe your husband has always been whatever you’ve had going on at any given moment in time. Possibly you both are only worried about the political ramifications…Guess you two can only answer that. Something to think about at least.

  13. Elizabeth M.

    I, too, think Mayor Barry should resign, but not before a full written accounting of the big taxpayer’s raise that she gave her boyfriend. My prayers go out to her husband who has suffered a lot; first the loss of their only child, now this. Mayor Barry is a renegade who does what she wants, both publicly and privately. We saw that in her proposal to close Meharry without first bringing her plans to do so before Council.

  14. Brian McMurphy

    I think Barry misunderstood the lyrics to “F*** tha Police”.