$9 Billion Transit Backers Try New Poll To Fish For Support

One citizens’ group says the city and its backers are conducting yet another poll to try to show support for the Let’s Move Nashville Transit Improvement Plan.

NoTax4Tracks said in a press release that at least one of its people received a polling call regarding the $9 billion transit plan that includes light rail service.

Questions include:

  • Would this make you more or less likely to vote for the plan?
  • 17 cents a day cost
  • Comprehensive light rail, bus and other
  • Neighborhood parking zones to get on and off
  • Will run longer hours at night
  • If seniors get a discount
  • If out-of-towners pay for most of it through the hotel tax
  • It would eliminate the need to go downtown to go to neighborhood to neighborhood

Which are important to you when you consider your vote:

  • would cost $5.4 billion
  • that we would have the highest sales tax
  • that sales tax is regressive and would hurt lower income communities

Which people are meaningful to you in making this decision:

  • David Fox
  • Megan Barry
  • Someone else

News of the new poll broke hours before word came of Mayor Megan Barry’s extra-marital affair with the head of her security detail, so it is not known yet if that revelation will affect polling. The mayor vowed she would keep pushing for the transit plan and the affair would not derail Metro Council’s efforts to place the initiative on the May 1 ballot.

NoTax4Tracks said it believes news of the new poll means the transit plan backers are concerned.

“Their numbers are not where they expected them to be,” NoTax4Tracks said in a press release. “They misjudged public support, thought they could cruise to victory and now are having to retool their messages and strategy. And, they’ve already spent a boatload of money talking to their base vote without a lot of focus on persuadable voters.”

The PAC says voters are worried about Nashville having the highest sales tax in the country, a regressive tax.

“The two messages we’ve been repeating, are working. “They are trying to find some new ornaments to hang on their message tree. That’s why they want to know about parking zones and discounts. And, they need to counter the sales tax impact which is why they want to do the message shuffle and see if a tourist tax helps them. Look soon for the city to come out with a bunch of new side deals.”

Polls have been an important part of the transit saga. The Tennessee Star reported on the poll game on Jan. 19. A Barry mayoral campaign committee-financed poll in October 2017 showed 57 percent in favor of a transit system that included a light rail. NoTax4Tracks pointed out that was a poll of registered voters, not necessarily those who were likely to vote.

The citizens’ group also said they believed the transit backers had conducted another poll earlier in January and found support at 53 percent despite all the money thrown at the plan. A spokesman for Barry denied the existence of the second poll.

NoTax4Tracks says the current poll means the PAC’s message is working: “$9-billion cost plus the highest sales tax in the country that hurts those who can pay the least.  Let’s keep it going. Pro Tip to the kids in their rapid response room: shredders.”

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6 Thoughts to “$9 Billion Transit Backers Try New Poll To Fish For Support”

  1. Dave

    What we need in Nashville is more cars and more petroleum consumption to keep economic development at bay.

  2. Randall

    Yea, let the Libs send out a new poll now.

  3. Wolf Woman

    Megan Barry’s transit plan is a typical lefty dream, a frothy frozen dessert with lots of calories (our tax dollars), that doesn’t satisfy the body’s need for healthy vitamins and minerals and melts before it can be eaten.

    Will her adultery help or hinder the plan going through? Will her adultery help or hinder her continued rise in the democratic party? Read the Tennessee Star and stay current on the Disastrous Affair of Mayor Megan Moonbeam.

  4. Kevin

    Citizens beware, the transit proponents are utilizing an adulterated version of the Delphi Process. Get educated http://freedom-school.com/lessons/delphi-technique.html


    “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure”

  5. lb

    This thing needs to die–it is an absolute boondoggle.