State Representative John DeBerry Introduces Bill to Ban Fraternities, Sororities from Tennessee State Schools

State Representative John DeBerry (D-Memphis) filed a bill Tuesday that would outlaw fraternities and sororities on Tennessee’s state schools of higher education.

The bill, HB2042 appears in the Tennessee Legislature’s database as simply filed, with no sponsor yet. It’s description reads:

Fraternities and Sororities – As introduced, prohibits fraternities and sororities, other than professional fraternities and honor societies, from being recognized by, associated with, or operating on the campus of, any state institution of higher education. – Amends TCA Title 49.

The bill targets Greek organizations that are social in nature and explicitly excludes professional organizations.

The proposal comes as Greek life groups across the country have been suspended or placed on probation for instances of excessive drinking and hazing.

CBS News Channel 5 notes that in 2016, there were four fraternity hazing deaths across the country that garnered attention. The men were pledging their fraternities at Pennsylvania State University, Louisiana State University, Florida State University, and Texas State University.


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