District Attorney Glenn Funk Requests TBI Investigate Nashville Mayor Megan Barry Affair

Fallout from Wednesday’s bombshell admission by Nashville Mayor Megan Barry that she carried on a years-long affair with the head of her security detail, Rob Forrest, continues.

Serious questions as to the taxpayer funds that Barry may have funneled to Forrest in the form of overseas trips and overtime payments has triggered District Attorney Glenn Funk to ask the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to look into the matter to determine if there was–and the extent to which there may have been– any criminal wrongdoing by Metro Nashville’s chief executive.

“District Attorney Glenn Funk has asked TBI Director Mark Gwyn to investigate whether Mayor Megan Barry and/or others, including Sgt. Rob Forrest, violated any criminal law including misappropriation of public funds and official misconduct,” Funk spokesman Steve Hayslip told The Tennessean Thursday morning.

“As with any TBI investigation, agents will collect any and all relevant evidence and interviews and, in turn, submit investigative findings to the district attorney general for his further review and consideration,” TBI spokesman Josh DeVine confirmed to The Tennessean.

Meanwhile, Rob Forrest’s wife, through her attorney, requested the former security chief’s cell phone and its contents be held and preserved by the Metro Nashville Police Department. MNPD spokesperson Kris Mumford told The Tennessean that, “The phone device was collected and has been preserved.”

Fox News 17 reports Sheri Weiner, who chairs of the Metro Council Ethics Committee, is preparing to release a statement soon:

The head of Metro Council’s Ethics Committee says they are aware of what’s going on but are not not actively doing an investigation. They are, however, prepared to investigate should a formal complaint be filed. In order for the committee to do an investigation, someone must file a formal complaint of which the Metro legal department deems necessary to look in to.

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3 Thoughts to “District Attorney Glenn Funk Requests TBI Investigate Nashville Mayor Megan Barry Affair”

  1. Kevin

    Glad to hear that the TBI has something to do other than harass citizens trying to run against incumbent politicians! Are they using that very expensing plane to monitor her?

    I see a business opportunity, designer pant suits in orange. We’ll hire Omar to design and manufacture them. Maybe we can get an ECD grant from the State.

  2. Sean

    She may end up in jail

  3. Office of the District Attorney

    We will be referring to this investigation a “Matter “ and we have already written the Mayor an exoneration letter.