Mayor Megan Barry and Her Communications Director Try to Control Story of Extramarital Affair Using Exclusive Interview with ‘Fair’ Media

Prior to Mayor Megan Barry’s 7 p.m. press conference Wednesday, which can be viewed in full here, Phil Williams from News Channel 5 was granted an exclusive interview with Barry to break the story of Barry’s extramarital affair. In his own interview on Channel 5’s MorningLine with Nick Beres, Williams explained how and why he was granted the exclusive interview:

Williams: I put in the request I believe Friday and I was very straightforward with the Mayor’s spokesperson. You know I knew that they would know why I was asking because my source or sources you know, were incredible.

Beres: Had indicated to you that there may have been something going on between the Mayor and her head of security.

Williams: Exactly and to the point that I had no doubt. And so I really encouraged the Mayor’s office she needs to sit down answer the questions, go ahead and get all this information out as soon as possible. You know just come clean.

Beres went on to state that Williams was “probably the first one to put it to her and she probably also knew Phil Williams will be fair.”

Regarding the conduct of his interview, Williams noted that “the only ground rules were that they wanted her to make a statement at the beginning of the interview, let her say what was on her heart and then I could ask whatever I wanted to ask.”

In effect, the mayor was allowed to set the tone of the interview and set the idea in the minds of viewers that her choice to have and subsequently conceal for two years an affair with a subordinate Metro employee while both were being paid by the Metro government, was a personal choice and not a violation of any law or ethics rules; it was simply, a mistake.

Williams’ investigation is focused on whether taxpayer dollars were spent in an inappropriate way and during his interview with the Mayor, asked whether Sgt. Forrest was getting paid “when you were having your personal time?”

While the mayor simply answers “no,” Williams admitted in his MorningLine interview that “there’s no way for us to really know.”

Earlier in the day, in fact, hours before the News Channel 5 broke the story, The Tennessee Star, having also received word about the Mayor’s extramarital affair, contacted Barry’s Director of Communications Sean Braisted to confirm whether Mayor Barry would be holding a press conference, and if so, at what time?

Receiving no response, The Star contacted Braisted an hour later asking again for confirmation and details about whether a press conference would be held along with a request for comment on the resignation of Sgt. Forrest.

No response has been received from Mayor Barry’s Director of Communications.

Barry concealed her affair with a subordinate Metro employee for two years, an affair she later admitted began shortly after she was elected.



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11 Thoughts to “Mayor Megan Barry and Her Communications Director Try to Control Story of Extramarital Affair Using Exclusive Interview with ‘Fair’ Media”

  1. Brian McMurphy

    Donna, Should we wager which third party Sean took out these ads through?

    Barry’s attempt to unilaterally shut down General is going to be her undoing. Every black person I know is pissed about it and no white liberal is going to survive without 100% support. So DeCosta and Enoch Fuzz can holler from Massah Megan’s front porch that she’s a soul sister and she can hop on Twitter promising all the free goat yoga that our homeless can handle but that damage is done.

    Rival publications used to at least take a shot at self-righteous wankers like The Scene but now they are all on different sinking ships.

  2. Donna Locke

    Just to add, I don’t think Barry will be able to stay in office. She is probably thinking about the jobs and livelihoods of those working for her.

  3. Donna Locke

    Brian, I totally see your points, and I think Sean and the rest of the Democrats are disastrously misguided on a number, not all, of issues, but I’ve always liked Sean. I think he’s a good person. He’s like you and me in not having the impertinence beaten out of him yet. He’s very smart, he has had the courage of his convictions, and he tries to do a great job for those he is working for, although we know what that means.

    Unfortunately, there is now probably no hope of getting a true conservative as mayor of Nashville. Nashville has likely crossed the point of no return. Parts of Metro would have to secede, as parts of California are trying to do in their state.

    As for the Nashville Scene, they are too busy trying to insult and take down my Republican congressman on moral grounds, although none of them live in his district, so there isn’t much they can say about Barry without looking like idiots, although looking like idiots has never stopped them before, of course. In any case, we are only too familiar with the hypocrisy of the Intolerati left.

  4. Mitch

    People in affairs lie. It takes them a while to stop lying. She is lying now. She has been legitimizing her behavior for a long time which is why she can easily say ‘just business’ at this time. Obviously a lie, but not to her because it did involve some business.

    Affairs happen, but they used public funds to facilitate a private matter and that is abuse of power, simple as that. She should resign.

    Tough year for husband. Suicide of son. Cheating wife. Suicide hard for both, but he has to feel very alone right now.

  5. Randall

    Typical Dems. They’ll make the Mayor out to be the victim.

  6. Lee

    Please step down…Mayor.

  7. Brian McMurphy

    He was nothing but an unpaid leftwing blogger at a website called Nashville For the 21st Century which has since been taken down so no one can see what a obnoxious Leftist the city is paying for.

    But he lied fluidly and with enough enthusiasm to parlay it into a spokes flack role for TN House Dems. Naturally, he’s Barry’s id from the FU wing of their criminal conspiracy madquerading as a political party.

  8. Brian McMurphy

    This warrants pointing out. This week’s Nashville Scene has no mention of the Mayor scandal at all. Zero.

    In fairness, they’re not really a journalism weekly anymore unless you count issue advocacy for attempts to try and humanize the most disgusting murderers on death row.

    Demetria Kalodimos getting snubbed at Channel 4 is the big story today.

  9. Brian McMurphy

    Is no one going to ask if this is the only affair she’s been having? Because there have been other rumors as well.

    The Current Narrative is…this was a one time “mistake” that happened for two years.

    Braisted is her paid liar so he is likely intimately familiar with everything that’s been going on. His Twitter feed is nothing but Trump Hate, taunting, and being a smarmy jerko**.

  10. Sgt. Nightstick

    Putting personal issues over the city! She needs to resign and old Sean needs to man up get her to resign! Show a little class.

    1. Eric

      Perhaps I’m missing something here, but who is old Sean?