Commentary: The Obama Coverup for Hillary Clinton Was Worse Than Collusion

Records available through the FBI Vault prove beyond any doubt that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her inner circle of trusted aides, including Human Abedin and Cheryl Mills, were subjects of a formal investigation into mishandling of classified information, beginning July 10, 2015. Yes, you read the above correctly, a formal FBI investigation commenced…

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One Thought to “Commentary: The Obama Coverup for Hillary Clinton Was Worse Than Collusion”

  1. Wolf Woman

    This country has been run by criminals and thieves for so long that we seem to take it for granted and let facts sail right over our heads.

    These crooks rule over us because we let them. Come on people, get up off your @ss and make a loud noise and use your iphone and facebook page for something more than posting photos. Keep your senators’ and congressmans’ email address in your contacts and write them. Or even better, call their office and complain. Inform your friends and family who don’t keep up with the news how corrupt government is and what they should do. It’s up to us to drain the swamp too, not just the president.