Parents Furious School Canceled Father Daughter Dance Over ‘Gender Crap’

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A New York elementary school was forced to cancel its father daughter dance to adhere to new policies calling for “gender neutral” events.

The public teacher associations for Staten Island’s Public School 65 put the father daughter dance on pause to double check whether it adheres to Department of Education new guidelines on gender practices, reports The New York Post.

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3 Thoughts to “Parents Furious School Canceled Father Daughter Dance Over ‘Gender Crap’”

  1. Randall

    Just call it Parental Unit Day

  2. Bill

    Once upon a time and not so long ago, there used to exist two important characteristics that separated human beings from other species. First and foremost would be morality. This characteristic which is only sustainable by a daily walk with God, promotes purity,honesty, compassion, integrity etc. The other characteristic would be common sense. This characteristic should always remind us to refer to the first characteristic when it comes to making major decisions in this country. Now if youre not willing to refer to the first, at least pull it out of the attic and apply it to every day thought before thinking out loud. Scriptures tell us that if we continue to reject God and exchange the truth for a lie, He will give us over to the depravity we so passionately seek. I used to think that the people pushing for political correctness were just ignorant, but even ignorance has limitations. On the other hand, depravity must feed more and more each day for its appetite is insatiable nor is it ever satisfied. However, don’t take my word for it, just turn on your tv or read the news. Start with this clip regarding Toni Bennett’s concern for gender neutrality.

  3. Jim Forsythe

    Gross STUPIDITY!!!