Long-Time Pastor and Community Activist Enoch Fuzz Calls on Mayor Megan Barry to Resign

In another devastating blow from her left-leaning base, long time pastor and community activist Reverend Enoch Fuzz called on embattled Mayor Megan Barry to resign from office after a series of revelations involving a years-long extramarital affair came to light.

“If the mayor stays in office, those important issues are put at risk. Even the big thing about the possibility that the great Amazon company would come here, those kinds of things are put at risk,” Rev. Enoch Fuzz told WKRN News:

The billions of dollars in investments that are being lost right now because we are distracted by this kind of thing. R-e-s-i-g-n. Not to insult, not to hurt, not to condemn, but for the good of all the people who are citizens of the city, including Megan.

Let’s move aside so that the world can see that our city is moving ahead.

WKRN notes that so far – despite public outcry – the Metro Nashville Council members have not asked Mayor Barry to step down, and indeed, have largely “kept mum on the subject of her affair.”



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6 Thoughts to “Long-Time Pastor and Community Activist Enoch Fuzz Calls on Mayor Megan Barry to Resign”

  1. Enoch Fuzz

    The affair wasn’t my concern. The lying and corrupt deals ignoring my community needs and pimping my people. Go to your own church with media and get your own Pastor to affirm that you are a member of a church. She was accused of being atheist but to get black vote exclaimed she attends a Catholic Church. If my church member is running for mayor me and my friends would be right by their side. Why didn’t you take the media to your church and ask for prayers. It appears she lied about her relationship with God just to get black votes. The affair was a symptom of much larger betrayal. I love Megan and all people. I’ve advised her turn this into helping and healing other hurting humans. We’re all broken individuals who deserve to be treated with love. I refuse to hate other human beings

  2. Rev. George Brooks

    What about the pastors in Nashville who are guilty of adultery there in Nashville, Rev. Fuzz ? And there are many, whose names will be made public, as well as what is also going on with such acts at Nashville General Hospital, among doctors and executives, with black, and WHITE women at NGH. For my wife, now mad as hell about Julie Groves decision to give me trouble, concerning the LIES that Dr. Kelvin Moses has told on me. And, of course, Groves certainly did not need to get my wife involved, because she knows many woman in Nashville who knows EVERBODY’s business. AND THEY ARE NOW TALKING !!! So look out Nashville General, and preachers around in Nashville. For she, and her friends, as well as a couple of sons that also live in Nashville, but no one knows about them, are getting ready to CRACK THE WHIP on the evil ones that are lying and mistreating me. And you need to pass the word along to the NGH executive group, and the preachers. And don’t forget, a MAJOR LAWSUIT and PROTEST RALLY is also coming, which my Las Vegas son in head of. — Rev. George Brooks of Murfreesboro, TN.

  3. […] Long-time pastor and Nashville community activist Enoch Fuzz is expected to be one of the speakers. Last week, Fuzz called on Barry to resign. […]

  4. Kevin

    The Reverend is sounding the trumpets, the Walls are about to cave in!

    But like Hillary, Mayor Barry will never admit that she was wrong, but she’d look good in orange!

  5. Papa

    The council can’t call her dirty when they all are playing in the same dirt pile!

  6. Brian McMurphy

    Oops. Mt. Zion and Temple froze out Corinthian Missonary and Clark Memorial for The Pander Barry tour last Sunday.

    Tsk, tsk.

    If Washington is Hollywood for ugly people, Metro Council is dinner theater for the functionally retarded. These people have less standards than they have funny hats and gold microphones.